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Instagram Followers: How To Retain Them?

By August 26, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

How to retain Instagram followers?

Are you facing problem to retain followers on your Instagram account and consequently, you don’t even attempt to gain followers? Social media, especially Influencer marketing Instagram has made it so easy now with one touch.

Simple and straightforward, if you like this profile, follow it. If you don’t, you can unfollow them- free of charge.

Most importantly, you retain people if you do these 3 things well.

  • Content fit

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Instagram followers follow you for your content. It’s more how relevant, entertaining and/or useful it is! 

For people to discover your page, you need to have it ranked high on the explore page to increase your chances. This directly relates to the number of followers, with more people actually seeing your content, the number of followers increases.

If you know your customers well, you will be able to satisfy their expectations. So first, figure out what they are like.

  • Grid visuals

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It is a measure of how engaged are your viewers with your content. This is one definite way to answer how to get more likes on instagram

A guide could be having a theme to your feed, like a colour, filter, caption writing style, photo style. Test your style, and find the best one that represents you. That’s all that matters, let your feed show who you are. It’s important to stay authentic.

What your instagram followers consumption patterns?

Get to know when are their active hours, what content they like to be engaged with. What do they want to read? The better understanding you have with your followers, the higher your engagement. This engagement rate is extremely important. It doesn’t only help you to retain followers, it also helps in surfacing you to the top few posts. Instagram allows you to filter your statistics by engagement.

Watch these posts and the content of them are what your followers are interested in. Do more of these. And same goes for the ones that have lesser engagement, do less of those.

  • Post quality


Image result for qualityThe third way is post quality. Instagram is all about photos. That’s what attracts your audience.

The better your photo quality, literally and figuratively, people will start getting attracted to your profile. Photos will be more visually appealing with better quality in high resolutions.

That’s it folks! Sounds pretty simple if you just follow these simple steps isn’t it? This is not a speed game, do it slow and steady. Do it your way, and see the results as time passes! Good luck!