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How Should Marketers Optimize Social Content in 2017

By August 16, 2017July 5th, 2024No Comments

Guide to Utilize Social Media Effectively

Creating Unique, Shareable, Engaging Content

Most companies today utilize social media to market their content. However, they don’t optimize social content. The difference between using and actually succeeding in using social media marketing is quite astounding. In the past, the use of social media for business tended to be in series of phases.
It started from not doing anything to companies monitoring social channels to sharing content and then eventually building a community. Today, businesses have found their way to using social commerce to convey their product offerings to their audience.

Even though many companies have started to see the relevance of social media marketing, not many have been able to succeed.
If you are one of those unable to effectively promote your content using social media, it is highly likely you are not doing enough. On that note, it is time to take your social media marketing to the next level with these tried and tested optimization tactics for your social content.

Social Content

Make Content Unique and Different

The most important thing to note in optimising content is to ensure your content is unique. How do you achieve this? You can do so by making the most of visuals, hashtags and other social media features that are interesting to your audience.

Images, videos and hashtags are among the cited crucial elements when it comes to social media optimization. Visuals serve as the most important element that makes social media content more engaging and interesting whether it is Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing or Twitter marketing.

However, visuals should not be your main priority. Images and videos help attract the attention of your audience. Most importantly, you need to make sure your content resonates with your audience. Additionally, it is vital to ensure you include a  ‘call-to-action’ in your content as well.

Make Your Content Shareable & Engaging

How do you make your content more engaging and shareable? One effective way is to engage in storytelling. Through stories, you can convey emotive content effectively. There is a science behind creating shareable content and while it is not exactly science, it can help increase your sharing and social content dramatically.

The key is to create a story that is appealing to your audience to connect with each other in the social media. Your content also needs to appeal to positive emotions, that is, it should amuse, inform, educate or inspire them to build a brand connection.

Being Social and Engaging with Influencers

Social media marketing is a form of influencer marketing. One way to optimise your content is to be social and engage with influencers as well as your target audience. The way to succeed in your social media marketing campaign is building trust and credibility with your audience.

One way to build credibility and trust with your audience is to start by building a relationship with them. You can achieve this by talking, commenting or replying to their posts.  Most importantly, you need to react fast to effectively engage your audience at the right moment.