January 2018

What is a digital influencer?

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How to develop an influencer marketing strategy? One of the modern widely known marketing tool would probably be developing a digital influencer marketing strategy. In short, widely established influencers branding company in Singapore would have to be gushcloud and nuffnang. The Singapore community Nuffnang influencers and gushcloud influencers are part of 2 Singapore leading blog [...]

What is a brand influencer?

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Definition of a brand influencer What exactly is the proper brand influencer definition? What is the difference between popular choices of marketing? Brand influencer vs advocate?  They are not just a “brand function" as there are many different definitions of the term "influencers".   Here's why. Why brand influencers? According to a survey, 18% trust influencers [...]

What is social media influencer marketing?

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Social Media Put your hands up if social media and seeing influencer marketing is a part of your daily routine! Be it going to work, before sleeping or simply on public transport? Social Media Influencers Who are the Singapore social influencers that you follow? We have the ultimate singapore influencers list with the top influencers [...]

What are Macro Influencers?

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Micro and Macro Influencers It is no secret that digital micro and macro influencers are powerful people in marketing. Online influencer marketing These online sensations are able to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, brand ownership and more. Did you know that 90% of people believes what influencers say rather than brands? The loyal following coupled [...]

Choosing the right marketing agencies in Singapore

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Making the right choice among Marketing Agencies You’re thrown with an upcoming project from your boss to promote the latest products. You need to craft a marketing campaign, but you’re unsure how. In goes “ marketing agencies in Singapore ” on Google search, only left to be daunted by the large amount of choices available [...]

Top Singapore bloggers 2017

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Singapore Bloggers We know that we are in no short supply of bloggers in Singapore. We have shortlisted some top Singapore bloggers below! Singapore Blogger List Here we have the Singapore bloggers list to show the popularity on social media.   Ladyironchef (640k) Did you know that the owner of this instagram account is not a lady [...]

Overview of Singapore health and fitness industry

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Singapore Health and Fitness Influencers There are many types of influencers spearheading the change in the health and fitness industry. Including health influencers Singapore, fitness influencers Singapore and lifestyle bloggers Singapore. The different genre of health and fitness blogs include healthy eating blog Singapore, natural health blogs, women’s fitness blog and exercise blogs too! Types of [...]

Social Media changes Singapore’s Fashion and Beauty Industry

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Singapore Fashion and Beauty Singapore is home to a vibrant blogging community and let’s check out the fashion and beauty industry today! There are many beauty bloggers in Singapore and fashion blogger singapore on instagram that many Singaporeans look up to when searching for the Singapore style. Pinterest or fashion blogs tumblr are also useful [...]

How Singaporean Parents make Purchase Decisions?

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How do you make purchase decisions? As Singaporean parents, we always want the best for our children when we make purchase decisions. Following on the latest parenting tips and trends by parent blogger and parenting influencers Singapore, it will be best if we can relate to them! Isn’t it so convenient that there are mummy [...]

Disrupting Singapore Food Industry with Content

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Top Singapore Food Bloggers Let’s start this post with a big “thank you” to all the food bloggers in Singapore who contributed so much into the singapore food scene. Starring a few of the top food bloggers Singapore 2017, we present to you the ultimate Singapore food bloggers list! Hawker Food Singapore Chicken rice Singapore [...]

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