July 2019

Explaining the Instagram Food photography phenomenon | food porn tips

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As The Odyssey states, “We ultimately love food photography because it takes something boring and makes it unique.' Indeed, food photography has become such a big part of our lives. Whether you enjoy taking food porn pictures or you appreciate looking at them, it is hard to deny we are surrounded by food photography. Today, [...]

7 Top fashion photography tips | Instagram Fashion photography

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Termed as the ‘Art World’s Rising Star’ by the New York Times, fashion photography has been slowly but surely gaining recognition across the globe. Whether you enjoy taking OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures or enjoy looking at fashion photography, this article will be of concern for all fashion lovers out there. The plethora of [...]

How to ace influencer marketing this year | influencer marketing 2019

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Influencer marketing 2019 Widely understood as marketing with the use of influencers ⁠— this is what influencer marketing entails. Influencers can be broadly defined as social media users who have the ability to shape the perceptions and influence the decisions of others on social media. While influencer marketing has only been put in the spotlight [...]

12 best Instagram aesthetics you can try | Instagram feed ideas

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Instagram. The place where your eyes are in for a treat. Slightly unique from other social media platforms, Instagram is highly visual based. From pictures to videos. Instagram is certainly a platform highly involved in the visual aesthetics. It is a place where our creativity is allowed to flow. Be it in terms of photo [...]

5 insider secrets influencers want you to know | Influencer Guide

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Influencers. Considered to be one group of people that have a strong persuasive power over the online population. Influencer marketing refers to the use of influencers to market a product or brand. Influencers refer to social media users who have the ability to influence the decisions and shape the perception of others online. Influencers are [...]

China Influencer Marketing: How to reach out to a billion consumers

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Also known as “wanghongs (网红)/ Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)”, influencers have been on the rise in the China influencer marketing industry. With a significant amount of following, china’s influencers are slowly but surely becoming the next big thing in the world of marketing. Latest figures show that China’s very on micro blogging platform Weibo has [...]

June 2019

7 best tricks for combating Fake News on Social Media

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The term fake news exploded in popularity in the past few years. Although false information has also been present, this phenomenon has snowballed in recent years due to the prominence of social media. However, does this mean we should stop using social media? The answer would be a no. Instead, we should attempt to prevent [...]

6 top photo editing apps influencrs love | 2019 photo editing apps

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Top photo editing apps your favourite influencers are currently using Social media. A world filled with aesthetically pleasing pictures that look so effortless. From travel to fashion and food photography. Just how do all these images online come about? Well, today’s article hopes to clear your doubts, and give you tips on taking the same [...]

5 simple steps to keep influencer marketing fraud away

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How to spot fraud & fakery in influencer marketing Also known by many as the fastest growing industry in marketing, influencer marketing has been readily adopted into the strategies of multiple brands. While there are many positive benefits of influencer marketing, there have also been rising concerns about the fraud associated with this industry. After [...]

5 reasons that prove the future of Influencer Marketing is a bright one

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Why influencer marketing is here to stay Influencer marketing refers to the use of influencers to market a brand. This form of consumer to consumer marketing has seemed stir up quite a buzz in recent years. Being relatively new to the marketing scene, there have been doubts that have questioned its sustainability. This is especially [...]