September 2018

Developing your Instagram content strategy

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How to develop instagram content ideas? The best instagram content usually stems from a quality instagram content strategy. Instagram content is not easy at all! As much as the picture perfect contrasted images on instagram makes visual content creation look so easy, do not ever underestimate the real effort that’s placed into them. Let’s see. Crafting content [...]

Instagram Algorithm Hack

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Instagram algorithm 2018  The Instagram algorithm change 2018 has long arrived, and Instagram is opening up to explain just how the algorithm chooses what photos and videos show up in your feed. Earlier this year, Instagram announced that they would be updating the Instagram algorithm to make it more chronological to feel more "fresh". Now [...]

Social media marketing tips

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Social media marketing strategy A commonly asked question is how to do social media marketing? We have compiled some social media marketing tips so you can better plan your next social media marketing strategy! Paid advertisement Now with the added advantage of promoted paid content on a social media platform, brands are really occupying screen [...]

Working With Mega Influencers

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What is a mega influencer Understanding what is a mega influencer is important. They are a kind of macro influencers that are often difficult to partner with because they are in high demand. The situation gets complicated with large commercial deals involving management teams and critical stakeholders. They are significantly more expensive than micro influencers and [...]

Ways to Food Influencer Marketing

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Food influencer meaning As direct as it gets, they are influencers that takes really nice pictures of food, and gives credible recommendations to where and what to eat! Some food influencers on instagram include @danielfooddiary and @misstamchiak! In the ever changing marketing world, it may be difficult to keep advancing with social media. Here's some ways to [...]

How to get verified on instagram 2018

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How to get verified on instagram for free Wondered how to get verified on instagram 2018 right, here's how to get a verified badge on instagram for free! As an attempt to increase its site security, Instagram has launched a host of new tools.   How to get verified on Instagram 2018 While anyone can apply [...]

6 Reasons for Bad Influencer Marketing

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Bad examples of influencer marketing Many companies are changing their marketing strategy to join the online digital platforms. Bad influencer marketing explains why some companies are stumbling. Here's some influencer marketing examples of bad influencer marketing! 1 No Content Marketing Strategy Content marketing needs Strategy- a clear picture of the Why, Who, What, How and [...]

Influencer Marketing Trends 2018

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Influencer marketing growth Recommendations from family and friends rank first as the most trusted advertising format. We have compiled a list of influencer marketing statistics, and key influencer marketing trends to reflect the true growth of influencer marketing. What makes the foundation of a successful influencer campaign? If you think the three foundations for a successful [...]

Working with Influencer Marketing Instagram

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Influencer marketing examples Are you an avid social media user? What are some influencer marketing platform that you use? Here’s a quick question. How much do you think is your daily influencer marketing instagram consumption? Value of social media marketing The main value of social media marketing is the direct connectivity you get instantly to your [...]

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