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Influencer marketing campaigns can achieve phenomenal success if done well. What then constitutes a successful influencer marketing campaign? There is no set formula for an impactful influencer marketing campaign. This is because every campaign is unique

However, there are necessary steps to be taken to maximize the results of your influencer market. Today, we will be elaborating on what these steps are and why you should incorporate these practices into your influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is so much more than getting any influencer to post a picture of your product on their social media accounts. A huge part of a campaign actually occurs before the posting is done. Therefore, it is important you are well aware of the things to do before starting an influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing steps: #1. Do your research

Influencer marketing campaign, influencer marketing steps

Whether you are an experienced marketer or have never tried out influencer marketing, it is important to do your research about the industry. The more well aware you are, the higher the chances of success.

For marketers new to the industry, you should read up on the basics of influencer marketing. This includes the categories of influencers, their respective strengths and weaknesses, industry rules and regulations.

This is to prevent you from making any mistakes in your influencer marketing campaign. For instance, researching about the guidelines of sponsored postings in Singapore would ensure that your campaign flows smoothly.

Even if you have prior experience in influencer marketing, it is always beneficial to read more about the influencer industry. You can look out for examples of successful and not so successful influencer marketing campaigns. From your research, you will then know what to do to achieve success and what to not do to avoid your influencer marketing campaign from backfiring.

Influencer marketing steps: #2. Setting objectives

Secondly, you should work on the objectives of your influencer marketing campaign. Objectives are important as they help set the direction of your influencer marketing campaign. This means that your campaign can be tailored based on the objective you have.

To add on, objectives are always reviewed when an influencer marketing campaign ends. Marketers use objectives to measure the success of the influencer marketing campaign.
To decide on your goals you can ask yourself a few guiding questions:

What is my short and long term goal?
How long do I want to take to achieve this goal?
Are my goals realistic?
Is the goal measurable?
Is the goal specific enough for action?

These guiding questions can be used when it comes to goal setting.

Do keep in mind that your goals would differ from others — every campaign has a unique goal that is based on the current stage your brand/product is in.

That being said, there are some common goals marketers have in mind for influencer marketing. The graphic above shows 7 goals that are popular amongst marketers when it comes to their influencer marketing campaign.

As you can see, there is a wide range of goals ranging from ‘increasing customer loyalty’ to ‘brand awareness’. This thus proves that influencer marketing can be used to achieve a variety of purposes, depending on your brand’s needs.

Influencer marketing steps: #3. Ensure you have chosen the right influencers

Thirdly, before you proceed with your influencer marketing campaign, you have to ensure the group of people you have chosen is the right fit for you.

There are a few indicators that you have chosen the right influencers. Firstly, the followers of these influencers are the target audience your brand has in mind. Secondly, the content these influencers are posting is related to your product/industry. Lastly, these influencers are a good fit for the image your brand wants to portray.

This step is important as it decides whether your campaign will succeed. There have been cases where influencer marketing campaigns have backfired as social media users did not feel convinced by the influencer spreading the message.

Influencer marketing steps: #4. Have a plan in place

Like any other form of marketing, influencer marketing involves a detailed planning process. While you can allow influencers to create the content needed, a general direction is needed to

This means that before you assign the work to your influencers, do think of the content angle your influencer marketing campaign would take.

Would you like to hold an event and let influencers document it? Would you like to hold an online giveaway? There are many other questions that would help to craft the end product of an influencer marketing campaign.

Therefore, do remember to take some time to think about the general direction your campaign is going in. You can then mobilize influencers to spread the message across to your intended audience.

Influencer marketing steps: #5. Communicate

Last but not least, do remember to communicate with the influencers you have chosen. If you do not pass on the information to influencers who are in charge of disseminating the information, the best influencer campaign will not work out.

Therefore, do not only focus on discussing payouts and KPIs with your influencers. Instead, do take some time out to communicate your campaign strategy and your brand’s goal in mind.


Influencer marketing is a process that has to be well thought out. Therefore, even before engaging in an influencer marketing campaign, we need to take a few steps to ensure our campaigns are on the right track.

We hope that this article brought about a newfound appreciation for the hard work that goes behind the scenes of influencer marketing. With that, we hope you start incorporating these 5 steps into your influencer marketing campaign!

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