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Tips for Influencer Marketing that everyone should know about

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How to achieve success in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is tremendously picking a lot of steam around the world. Many businesses have boosted their brand awareness and sales through influencer marketing. Recently, reports indicate that more and more people are using ad blockers to cut the cord with advertisers and the trend is expected to increase over the years.

Through influencer marketing, marketers can still reach their target internet users even though they are blocking ads. The best thing is that they will reach their audience through the content that they actually click into. They are hence more receptive to the message of the business brand. However, to achieve the best results with influencer marketing, you need to set your influencer marketing strategy right. Here is a look at how to achieve success with influencer marketing.

Things to Check Off to Ensure A Successful Influencer Campaign (some tips for influencer marketing)

Tips for influencer marketing #1 Look for Your Target Audience

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Firstly, determining your target audience should be the first step before you start looking for influencers to work with. In finding your target audience, you need to ask yourself some questions such as; the age group that is more likely to purchase your products, and the niche in which your audience belong to. Factors such as the demographics, interest areas and locations of your target audience will also boost your understanding of the profiles of the target audience. Finding the right audience helps you to identify the right influencers. For example, if your target audience is young people interested in fashion, you should look for social media influencers who are in the fashion niche.

Tips for influencer marketing #2 Define Your Goal and Objective

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Majority of the business brands get into influencer marketing to promote their businesses. However, you need to have more specific goals before launching your influencer marketing campaign. Defining your objectives clearly enables you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Do you aim at boosting your engagement in social media, obtaining more followers or increasing your revenue? To add on, you need to have a good understanding of what you actually want to achieve through influencer marketing. After you set your goal, come up with the key performance indicator metrics to help you access the success of your campaign accurately. You can even change your influencer marketing strategy later on.

Tips for influencer marketing #3 Determine the Ideal Social Media Channel Platform

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With lots of diverse social media channels available, it is essential that you choose the social media platform best compatible with the content that you create with your influencers. Each social media platform has its strengths, and the channel you select might influence your marketing campaign results. For businesses involved in fashion, art and home décor, Instagram may be ideal for them as it is mostly about aesthetics and visual content. On the other hand, YouTube is a perfect channel for product reviews and tutorials as it is only about videos. It is noteworthy to consider choosing the right social media platform as the one most of your target audience are found. You can then create the content according to that particular platform.

Tips for influencer marketing #4 Find the Right Influencers

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The first place to look for a company’s influencer should be your most engaged customers. It makes it easy for you to reach them as you have all their contact information. Furthermore, they have already purchased and had a taste of your products or services. The potential influencers are mostly those that regularly post or do video reviews on how much they like your products either on Instagram or other social media platforms. After compiling a list, the prime candidate from the list is selected after cross-referencing of his or her customer database. Secondly, Instagram micro-influencers whose post relates to the company’s specific niche are the ones to consider. Tracking how they regularly interact with their followers serves as a qualification challenge. The influencers that you don’t know about should be considered last.

Other types of influencers that can be considered include celebrity influencers, macro influencers, nano influencers. You can read about the respective categories of influencers and the varying benefits of collaborating with them here.

Tips for influencer marketing #5 Avoiding potential pitfalls

While the power of influencer marketing can be immense if done right, influencer marketing could have severe consequences if one is not careful. Therefore, to avoid backlash or an ineffective campaign, do research on potential pitfalls to avoid.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Builds Quick Trust

One of the major benefits of influencer marketing is the quick building of trust. The fact that influencers have an already established relationship, credibility, and trust with their online followers makes the people respect their post content and recommendations. When you share an influencer content, you will quickly get attention from the audience and eventually put your brand message in an active audience.

Boost Business Sales

Driving purchasing decisions is among the enormous benefits of influencer marketing. Most of the online users follow influencers advice on the products to purchase. According to a research study, about forty percent of online consumers buy after seeing a social media influencer using the product or service.

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Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing example #1 Sprint, #LiveUnlimited

Firstly, we have the Sprint campaign, a perfect example of a successful influencer digital marketing. This campaign worked directly with influencers making use of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube marketing. Some of the significant influencers were Rachel cook, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce, and Lele pons. The influencers were chosen correctly to ensure audiences from all 3 social media platforms were reached. The influencers chosen had a combined reach of more than thirty million. It is hence possible to use influencers from multiple social media channels for an extra touch of authenticity.

Influencer marketing example #2, Subaru’s # MeetAnOwner

Secondly, we have Subaru’s #meetanowner campaign. This campaign was launched in 2017 to put Subaru in the position of a car ideal for any type of adventure. It used influencers from Instagram and YouTube including Zach King, Devin Graham and Jay Nelson who created posts and videos featuring Subaru. The influencers involved maintained their style with Subaru taking the backseat feature. This is important in making the campaign feel authentic rather than branded towards your target audience.

Influencer marketing example #3 Samsung #Note7Launch

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Lastly, during Samsung’s launch of their note 7 smartphones, it partnered with a Snapchat influencer, CyreneQ. This was to announce its launch to its target mobile audience. The influencer made a ten-second video to show her followers the features on the smartphone. Subsequently, there was a tremendous increase to the sales of the smartphone. Digital marketing provides an ideal platform to launch your new products in the market. Samsung note 7 is now more recognized thanks to the use of influencer marketing on social media.

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Bottom line

In conclusion, influencer marketing is here to stay.  It will help to boost your sales and brand visibility. By following the above-listed steps, you are sure of getting the most out of your influencer marketing campaign. Get into this bandwagon today and get new leads that you probably could never get without this kind of niche targeting.

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