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What comes to mind when you think of TikTok? You may think of things like short viral videos, or a platform for the creative.

However, apart from driving content creation and consumption, many have started using TikTok as part of their branding and marketing. From raising product awareness to interacting with fans of the brand, TikTok marketing has developed over the years.

Needless to say, there are many forms of TikTok marketing. From working with TikTok influencers to creating in-house content, there is a range of options that brands can choose from. Thus, today we look at 3 types of business models on TikTok and how they have incorporated TikTok marketing into their marketing strategy.

TikTok Businesses: #1. Small Local Businesses

TikTok marketing, TikTok Businesses

Firstly, we look at small local businesses on TikTok.

During the peak of the pandemic, many local businesses suffered during the periods of lock-down. This also spurred a movement to support small businesses on the internet. Many small businesses have also tapped into online options to promote and market their business.

An example of a small business on TikTok would include, a small business which started posting on TikTok back in 2021.

As you may have guessed from its name, the business actually sells a range of chocolate-coated berries. From the classic chocolate strawberries to chocolate bouquets,’s beautiful products can be seen on their TikTok account. Apart from showcasing the process of creating aesthetic chocolate products, the owner also uses TikTok to share more about the business and the brains behind it.

From videos showcasing the daily routine of a small business owner to comedic skits whereby the owner calculates the number of strawberries needed for the month, such videos showcase the personality of a business. Furthermore, the additional upside of having a TikTok presence is the ability to use it for other ancillary purposes. For instance, in, promoting an open position in the business was also done through TikTok.

Thus, there are many reasons why small businesses should have a TikTok presence. Whether it is to interact with existing customers or to reach out to a new demographic, a TikTok account for the brand can be extremely helpful.

TikTok Businesses: #2. Niche Businesses

TikTok marketing, TikTok Businesses

Secondly, we have niche businesses. While every business will have its unique niche, these businesses are exceptionally unique due to their product offerings.

Apart from clothes and baked goods, there are many other businesses offering other products on TikTok.

Thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, many niche businesses have managed to gain a following on the platform.

An example of a niche business would be @modernpicnic, a business selling lunch boxes. Now you may think that a lunchbox is an extremely specific product with a certain demographic group. However, modernpicnic’s lunch boxes are unique as it is catered to adults and children alike.

The designs of the lunchbox carriers are no different from that of a classic backpack. With neutral tones and customizable lunchboxes available as part of their product lines.

You may think that TikTok marketing would be difficult for such a niche product offering. However, accounts like @modernpicnic show us that TikTok marketing is equally applicable to brands offering customisable or unique products. In fact, the distinctive feature of the product can be a marketing point on the platform.

TikTok Businesses: #3. Established Brands

Thirdly, we have the established brands on TikTok.

Now you may wonder, what is the point of branching into TikTok marketing if these brands have established themselves as big names in their respective industries. Well, there are multiple uses of TikTok marketing for such brands.

From reaching out to a new demographic group to re-branding of business image, TikTok is a great way to explore new marketing strategies.

Take the example of Gucci, the Italian fashion powerhouse. Despite being recognised as one of the biggest luxury brands in the industry, the brand maintains an active TikTok. On its TikTok account, the brand has 2.1 million followers and more than 17 million likes.

Aside from the impressive numbers, the account also features a wide array of interesting content. From scenes of the Gucci show to fun videos showcasing unique collaborations, Gucci has managed to produce great content on its TikTok account.


While TikTok may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of social media marketing, the platform is, in reality, great for marketing. As seen from today’s article, TikTok marketing is not only applicable to small businesses but also great for brands that are already established.

If you are interested in raising brand and product awareness, or simply want to try out TikTok marketing, do explore some of the existing marketing models on TikTok for some inspiration.