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Six Tips For Influencer Marketing Success in 2018

By September 1, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Marketing Strategies

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What’s the future of influencer marketing? Influencer marketing has proven to deliver results for all types of businesses, and brands have embraced the fact. Influencer marketing examples reflect in how  brands are allcoating billions of dollars every year on influencer marketing campaigns.

But really, the future of influencer marketing is not yet fully realised. This also means that it’s potential is great!

For that reason, here are six things brands should do to ensure that their influencer marketing campaigns are successful.

1. Establish goals and execute accordingly

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First of all, it is important for brands to formally define goals when developing an influencer marketing strategy. After all, these will determine how influencer marketing campaigns are executed.

For example, a brand that is primarily focused on driving awareness will want to ensure that its campaigns are oriented to this goal. That could involve having influencers that are brand advocates to share their experience as word of mouth is credible. This encourages followers to check the brand out, generating conversations. 

2. Micromanage the influencers


Influencer marketing isn’t like traditional marketing in which brands (or their agencies) exert total control over creative, where it goes and how consumers will engage with it. Authenticity is critical in influencer marketing. Brands should recognize that influencers have a better understanding of their audience. Of course, brands need to maintain oversight of influencer campaigns to ensure the right timeline they’re following. A form of micromanage is good to drive the right amount of creativity. 

3. Think beyond sponsored posts

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Many brands rely heavily on sponsored posts in their influencer marketing campaigns. The greatest opportunities for brands lie beyond sponsored posts like creating true partnerships with influencers. One way involves collaboration and co-creation. These partnerships dramatically increase the influencers’ investment in a brand relationship which brings us to the next point.

4. Build long-term relationships

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Therefore, understanding that influencer marketing won’t deliver lasting success overnight. It’s important to recognise that relationships with influencers are more likely to bear fruit if they are long-term.

By aligning themselves with select influencers for the long haul, brands are far more likely to tap into those influencers’ influence. When it comes to establishing long-term relationships, look at influencers with smaller followings, including microinfluencers as this increases your chance.

5. Don’t expect overnight results


Influencer marketing isn’t digital marketing’s get rich quick scheme. While popular influencers can shine a very bright spotlight on brands they work with very quickly, converting influencer-acquired eyeballs into lasting brand awareness and sales will realistically take time.

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Brands should recognize this when they start developing an influencer marketing strategy, as this fact has a number of implications, especially around budgeting.