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Common Influencer Categories

Some Work We Have Done to Niche Influencer Categories

Using Artificial Intelligence to engage the most Relevant Influencers

We study influencer’s social media footprint and predict engagement

Influencers are selected by data-driven metrics: following number, engagement levels, relevancy ratios and past campaign ratings

Our AI is also able to sieve out hyper-local, specific influencers by studying their past posts to ensure relevance.

Hear what our influencers have to say

Kobe has always been looking out and checking back for us. Their welfare is also good and one of the best I’ve gotten. The best thing is how fast they proceed with everything including replies of email, payment etc.

Sherrill Quek

I have a passion for singing and have been performing singing and dancing since young. I came onboard Kobe as an opportunity for exposure and was relevantly matched with BeLive (previously Appsters) to perform for their app launch! It was such a thrilling experience! Kobe’s AI is great in pairing up social media users accurately to advertisers  and it’s a great chance for them to tap on their talent and grow!

Veekher Wong

After completing 3 campaigns with Kobe, I feel that the team is pretty efficient in their processing time with regards to campaign briefs and confirmation. The campaigns that I am selected for are matched well to my expertise that I am strong in. I got to know different ways on how the variety of different clients Kobe works with!

Kieffer Tay Kai Xian

I’ve had opportunities brushing shoulders with many people due to my job. Since joining Kobe, my experience just widened!I’m really glad to have the chance to reach out to my fellow community in terms of raising awareness for the clients that I work for. Kobe has a diverse community of influencers and it’s great that we can all play a major role in reaching out to our own specific community!

Nur Mohammad Bin Azmi

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