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Learn How To Snap Instagram Worthy Photos

By January 27, 2019July 9th, 2024No Comments

With only basic photography tips

photo of man holding camera

Cool instagram picture ideas with some Instagram photo tricks. Even those with basic photography tips can achieve instagram worthy shots. With the proliferation of smartphones, everyone becomes a photographer. The problem is, most of us don’t have the skills to take advantage of the advanced cameras that we carry around in our pockets.


  1. Learn how to use the lighting to your advantage

Photographers always pay a lot of attention to light. A studio photographer arranges the lighting until it falls perfectly on the model. What “perfect” means, depends on the message you want to convey with the photo. There is no such thing as perfect light, every light creates a certain atmosphere. Work with the moods and colours that the morning light creates. In big cities, a lot of dust is raised throughout the day, so the morning light is much clearer than the evening light.

Image result for lighting photography


  1. Expand your visions and start adjusting your perspectives

The one point perspective can quickly become tedious and overdone, so you should always be trying out other perspectives. For example, look upwards in a vertical direction at a house front like I did with the high-rise building. Or, hold the camera lens very close to the surface of the street and take pictures from a worm’s-eye view. Or you can try cool instagram picture ideas like a mixture of textures. Lastly, to showcase how big or small a building is, you can incorporate a person into your photograph for context.

Image result for building singapore instagramer


  1. Understand the functions of your camera

As a photographer, you would want to have full control of the camera while shooting.  For example, you can do some instagram photo tricks like correct the lighting or adjust the focus manually — which is especially helpful and shows great results when you shoot a close-up. It’s also especially helpful in a difficult light situation, for example, when the shadows are really harsh or when there are high contrasts it is better to manually adjust the exposure. Just try it out!