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Key Opinion Leaders In Thailand

By October 19, 2017July 9th, 2024No Comments

Overview of Opinion Leader

outreach, listener, leader, influencer, influence

Generally trusted by many, Key Opinion Leaders have the ability to influence decision making. Since they are often under the spotlight of mass media, this increases their exposure. With the rise of influencer marketing, brands tend to look out to them to increase their brand awareness. They are known as the middleman between the public and the mass media.
Thailand is one of the Asian countries that adopted the culture of influencer marketing.

Who are the Opinion Leaders in Thailand

In Thailand, there are a huge number of influencers, whether a group or an individual. People tend to have more trust in influencers as they usually have more credibility and authenticity as compared to brands.
Nowadays, more brands are also turning to influencers with smaller followings (mirco-influencers).  Using micro-influencers, the brand receives intangible benefits like authenticity, a unique point of view and deeper storytelling. It also has the potential of reaching a more tailored audience.


In this digital age, brands are turning away from traditional marketing. With the rise in the usage of social media, brands will constantly search for influencers to market their needs for beauty, fashion, entertainment etc. Therefore there will be a need for influencer marketing and it will be more effective to use of them to promote brands.

The Key Opinion Leaders are mainly people of various groups having similar interests, personality and demographics. These include actors, politicians, athletes etc who can penetrate the interest of many.


According to statistics, almost 74% of the Thailand online population will purchase a particular product market by their relevant influencer. 45% of these population appreciate the reliability and quality of the advertisement while 71% of the population tend to trust to the top influencers’ advertisements.

Social media platforms such as Instagram is one the most popular channels for the opinion leaders to share. The stuffs shared range from product endorsement, review or sharing and people tend to follow them to keep themselves updated on the latest product.

Since 65 % of the online population in Thailand adore the talents of the Key Opinion Leaders, it is easier and more convenient for the influencer network and business firms to take get the edge in the advertisement.


Fashion, beauty, wellness, entertainment and health are among the areas which opinion leaders have great influence. According to statistics, almost 49% of the population are influenced by the makeup styles of the influencers. 44% of the population are influenced by the fashion style of the influencers. Therefore, this shows that people are more willing to purchase products reviewed/ used by the KOLs. This makes them an effective brand influencer.

Key Opinion Leaders in Thailand have more expertise with a particular product category. They have the great influence over the action and perception of their followers because of their knowledge about the specific product. And in order for them to maintain their leadership role, they have to spend plenty of effort in order to gain understanding and knowledge what they are trying to advertise.