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Key Challenges In Influencer Marketing Strategy

By December 25, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

Developing an Influencer marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy: It’s key to work influencer marketing examples on influencer marketing instagram, but challenges are inevitable. But, yes, everyone’s talking about it. And also, over 59 percent of brands are spending money on it. Studies have shown that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people. People even trust strangers over branded content.

Hence, influencers are the social bridge between brands and consumers today.

Here’s some ways on how influencers can strengthen the trust between your company and consumers.

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Ways to launch your new services/products

Consumers will be more motivated to try new products when they can see how others are using it to improve their lives. Use to showcase new products and how everyday people use them. This shows that you would rather purchase something when you observe it’s effectiveness before you purchase.

Revive your brand and products

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Influencer marketing examples is not just a launch pad for new products. It can also be the saving grace of well-established brands at risk of being forgotten. When it comes to creating influencer marketing examples, an influencer’s true beauty lies in his or her ability to tell stories. Enlisting influencers to spin a lagging product back into the forefront of consumers’ minds is the key to avoid being delisted. Sometimes, retailers put a brand on notice prior to delisting and give them one final chance to prove a product’s value. This is where influencers can come in and bring the product back to life through new and unexpected uses.


Influence the society positively

Influencer content is not just for helping accomplish traditional KPIs. Integrating influencers into charity amplifications brings another layer of authenticity to a brand’s efforts to impact both charities and sales. This is an area that truly love. If it aligns with the influencer’s personal branding, a partnership is a great way for them to show their civic spirit. With the influential mom, studies have shown having children of their own makes them take a closer look at the world their child lives in, so they love supporting brands who their corporate responsibility and give back.

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Inspire customers to try and purchase

A study by Arbitron said more than 30 percent of customers who tried samples during a demo said they bought the product during the same shopping trip. However, demostrations can be a fast way to attract consumers to trial and purchase your product. Hence, when influencers experience and talk about your demo, you gain brand exposure through their content.