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How Is Instagram Fashion Influencing The Industry?

By May 21, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

How has the fashion industry evolved?

Have you ever been tempted to buy something because you saw it on Instagram? Instagram fashion has taken the world by storm. Thats exactly how Instagram has changed the fashion industry.

The social media platform has grown a lot in recent years from a simple online sharing platform into a huge business venture for companies to market their products.

In the world of fashion, Instagram is at the forefront creating new trends everyday. Here are a couple of reasons why Instagram can said to be innovating the fashion industry.

#1: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Visuals, visuals and more visuals. This is what you see when you through your Instagram feed. This makes it easy for people to focus on the pictures they see.

Likewise, this is great for brands to advertise their clothing choices as people can visualise what they’ll look like wearing the clothes themselves. 

Here’s some visual examples:

posing woman in white sleeveless top


woman near orange wallSee, what I mean? You think the clothes look good on them, which makes you that it will look good on you. Then, you buy the clothes. Easy. This is Instagram fashion at its best.

#2: Opportunities for Smaller Brands

With Instagram, virtually anybody can put up content. This makes it easier for small start-up companies to showcase their creations to the public.

Before this, the fashion industry was dominated mainly by established brands which made fashion trends that were very generic. Now, companies can come up with niche designs and market their products directly to consumers.

An example would be local homegrown company The Closet Lover.

Started by a pair of sisters in Singapore, the duo launched their designs at the start through social media platforms and an online store.

As the company gained popularity, they launched various outlets across Singapore, becoming one of the largest homegrown fashion brands in the island.

Related image


#3: The Impact of Fashion Influencers

Influencers often try out new designs and create new trends.

Here are just some Instagram fashion trends we saw in 2017:

Oval Sunglasses

Image result for oval sunglasses


Wicker Bags
Image result for wicker bags


Gingham Dresses

Image result for gingham dress instagram

Image result for midi skirts instagram

Instagram represents a new avenue for marketers to advertise their products. With an increasing number of brands, it is imperative that marketers really reach out to consumers in a subtle manner so as to form a lasting impression.