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How To Work Smart & Play Hard As A Social Influencer

By June 14, 2017July 5th, 2024No Comments

#AskTheExperts about what is it to be a social influencer. 

1. Choose your Type

As a social influencer, you have to model your social account to present yourself as an authority on whatever topic you pick. This could be food, health, design, art, decorating, or even something really targeted like knitting or ballet.

Once you get started, be sure to stay active and keep posting on a regular schedule. This will help your audience learn to expect consistent posts and it give you a chance to build credibility while testing different content styles.

The more content you produce the more people will see you as an active authority which in due time, a social influencer. This builds your personal brand, your account’s reputation, and helps others find you through search and/or re-sharing(pinning, retweeting, etc.)

2. Stay Committed

Once you’ve determined your focus and start sharing more content that you’ve produced, you should keep your content focused on a particular theme or niche. Maybe you can post about cycling, graphic design, or food, showcasing what you represent and what you really are.

Whatever it is that you choose, stay committed to the broader topic so your community consists of like-minded individuals. This can easily help brands determine if your audience is right for their product. On the flip side, having a mixed audience can be a turn-off as the response to a particular product is hard to predict.

3. Be Creative!

Make contests and make new campaigns etc. because brands would sponsor attractive award-winning contests so that they will be able to “remain in the game.”

If you do the same for the brands, the impact doubles for everyone in the chain and to state some, for the followers it would be a fun activity which is different from the daily posts which is something new and fresh, the respectable number of followers can then be more informed and receptive about the brand and as for you yourself, you will garner more viewership or gain more followers to state the least!

4. More means Better?

Quality beats quantity and this is what you should be aiming for. Smaller and more intimate communities are more powerful due to higher levels of trust and this is what advertisers are looking for: a trusted channel to promote their product.

5. 2 Heads are better than 1

If you find it difficult to come up with original content, why not get a helping hand? A good content marketing agency can help to create and distribute content across key marketing mediums. They will help you to come up with good and original content that is most suitable for your personality on your social media platforms and finding you the appropriate brands to work with you!


Now, this is just the tip of the social influencer iceberg! Go slow, go steady and you will definitely grow big.