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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Evolution Of Influencer Marketing Today in 2018

By October 14, 2018July 5th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Marketing 2018:

Influencer marketing 2018: the evolution of influencer marketing today with the hottest influencer marketing news. Influencer marketing today has grown so fast! The most noteworthy is the increasing focus on long term influencer relationships, inspiring better engagement and quality.

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What do consumers want?

It is important to understand that customers don’t move linearly through decisions anymore. To connect with customers in a meaningful way, its important to identify, qualify and develop relationships. Thus, collaborate, co-create and instigate advocacy. 

More digitized business

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Companies are prioritizing investments in both customer and employee experience, opening many doors for innovation in the humanization of technology. The more human marketing becomes, the more digital transformation is humanized.

Goals of Influencer Marketing

67% of marketers want to drive lead generation through the use of influencer marketing. Beyond improving brand advocacy, awareness, majority of marketers are also focused on improving leads and sales conversion (74%).

Influencer marketing growth

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43% of marketers are experimenting with influencer marketing. It is still early for influencer marketing for many companies. As brands mature their approach, skills and relationships with influencers, ongoing influencer marketing programs will increase.

Impact of influencer Marketing

80% of marketers rate content marketing as most impacted by influencer marketing. There’s simply no better match than content collaboration for creating measurable, impactful business outcomes. I

Integrated strategy for Influencer Marketing

57% of marketers say influencer marketing will be integrated in all marketing activities in the next 3 years. Therefore, 30% of marketers say Influencer marketing will become a primary area of digital marketing investment in the next 3 years.

Building relationships with influencers

Such relationships delivers mutual value for brands and influencers. Hence, successful marketers at major brands do not agree with a transactional approach to influencer relationships. Brands should focus on a long-term approach rooted in a two-way dialogue. Always communicate for valuable feedback and gain a deeper understanding about what matters. This credibility and trust with an influencer is certainly the key to ongoing success.