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Why Influencer Marketing 2018 is on the Rise

By October 16, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

Influencer marketing 2018 news

What are some influencer marketing trends 2018 for influencer marketing growth when doing influencer marketing 2018? Influencer marketing is on the rise, as more and more brands recognise the power of influencer marketing. However, there’s more to influencer marketing than just paying highest following to say nice things about your brand.

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Changing Process in Consumer Purchase

The first thing to recognize in this shift is that the consumer purchase process has changed. Influencer Marketing 2018: word of mouth has always been important. People have always turned to those they trust when considering purchase decisions. With internet and technology, people gain easier access to broader range of opinions.

Reason behind influencer marketing growth

Instead of waiting for the next meet up, now you can pose a question on your social media to all your followers for immediate response. Consequently, you may not have realized you want to try a new cuisine due to influence of that Insta post from your friend. As a result of you trusting their opinions, you are sold to the idea. That’s why influencer marketing has become so powerful, with the same reason. 

Influencer marketing trends 2018

Influencer marketing growth is best explained with a study by Forrester in 2013. The greates influencer marketing trends 2018 is that 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, a Nielsen study from 2015 put that number at 83%, while others have indicated that up to 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations – well higher than any other source.