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3 Ways to Integrate Influencer Marketing Today

By October 21, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

What about Influencer Marketing 2018:

To do influencer marketing 2018: The real influencer marketing today is complicated even with influencer marketing examples. Influencer marketing, a form of word of mouth advertising has been the most trusted form of marketing for many decades. As seen in a Nielsen study across 58 countries, 84 percent of respondents claim to put the greatest trust in recommendations from friends and family.

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Social Media 2018 & Influencer Marketing Now

Social media did n0t alter the fact the power of influencer marketing. But whats the difference is the platform has created a greater marketplace to support word-of-mouth advertising. Now, we search online when we have a question, like influencer marketing examples. User reviews, influencer marketing today has advanced so much digitally.


What is Influencer Marketing Today?

Influencer marketing is the narrating your captions/videos. Thus, in attempt to spread positive words about a brand, you boost influence and cultivating trust among your followers.

1. Video Marketing

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The rise of Videos content is evident in the viral growth of Youtube, Vines and other streaming platforms. The way to connect with audiences has become more intimate with live streaming, narratives and comments. Videos is the way to go, but one thing for sure is that the cost is definitely higher, but yours gains will justify it well. 


2. Search Engine Optimisation

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Because of the social media boom, search engine providers have tailored their algorithms to increasingly account for a site’s social reputation. By facilitating and distributing shareable content via social influencers, brands can use social engagement as another weapon in their SEO tool kits. This type of link building is safer and more organic than traditional, more aggressive strategies such as paying for sponsored links or engaging in link schemes.

3. Increase in Content Marketing

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Content marketing is already a big part of many brands’ marketing strategies. Hence, content and influencer marketing naturally comes together. but it’s more concerned with engaging readers via traditional content platforms and brands’ own voices.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

As consumers began following more blogs and using social media in early 2010s, brands began to allocate small sums of budget into influencer marketing. The term “influencer marketing” gained search recognition in 2012 as brands were starting to see the potential impact on their sales. 

Therefore, today, the online discussion is one that no brand can afford to ignore. It is important to note that Facebook now has 1.59 billion monthly users, and Instagram has 400 million. By 2020, social media spending is expected to reach $27.4 billion. Start yours now?