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5 Predictions On The Future Of Influencer Marketing

By October 27, 2018July 4th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Marketing is the ‘thing’ now.

You have probably read many influencer marketing examples about influencer marketing 2018. Immense influencer marketing growth is bigger than you can image and it’s no surprise why.

What is Influencer Marketing 2018?

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Influencer marketing is the process of leveraging an existing social media influencer—someone who carries a strong reputation with a large number of people in a given niche—by having them endorse your brand, support your content, or co-create content with you and your brand. Here are 5 points you can anticipate beyond influencer marketing 2018. 


  • Influencer cliques and groups.

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Influencer marketing is a collective “rising tide” that affects all brands revolving around an influencer clique. The emergence of more influencer “cliques” or groups of people tightly connected with one another, affects how influencers are seen, and how their followers interact. 

  • Greater demand for authenticity

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The entire field of content marketing evolved from a consumer demand for authenticity. Target audiences sick of seeing traditional advertisements, meant only to sell. Influencers used to be trustworthy… but now that they’re being more heavily commissioned by branded content. Consequently, trust factor could fade. In response, consumers may start demanding more authenticity from the influencers they follow, watching carefully for signs of sincerity and accuracy.

  • Bigger barriers to entry

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Part of the motivation here is due to the sheer demand for influencers. Marketers everywhere are flocking to influencer marketing, and more individual personal brands are striving to become influencers. This surge in content production and social media activity, thus result in fiercer competition.

  • Transparency and regulatory control

Relationships regarding partnership disclosure is important. In other words, undisclosed partnerships and sponsorship agreements are a no no. Thus, increasing concerns about lack of transparency will drive industry leaders to be more public about their relationships and intentions. This may keep consumer’s trust high again. 

  • Integrated functionality in platforms.

With social media platforms noticing the importance and potential of influencer marketing, platform-based innovations are appearing. They can make influencer marketing and outreach more convenient/ profitable. For example, advanced communication options for popular users like reposting functions, the offical account tick to recognise engagement and popularity.