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101 Guide to Bloggers in Singapore

By February 4, 2017October 17th, 2019No Comments

101 Guide to Bloggers in Singapore

Do you aim to become a popular blogger in Singapore?

Becoming lifestyle blogger Singapore will require you to learn what kind of blog you want to write. Through this way, you have the opportunity to provide your best since you have a better idea where you can start.


Since the country of Singapore is considered as a powerhouse of the internet and has blogging community, you will find lots of fashion blogger Singapore that can inspire you when it comes to writing.

Most of these bloggers are very passionate about what they do and very familiar in their own fields. The Singapore bloggers list of fields may include lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food, tech, travel and much more.

So if you want to learn the top influencers in Singapore, here are some of the fashion blogger Singapore that are considered as most popular in this country as well as in the whole world.

  • Singapore blogger Qiu Qiu.

    She is one of the most popular Singaporean bloggers. Qiu Qiu expertise lies in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and shopping. Aside from this, she is also head of the large community on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She is married and with one kid and currently pregnant with their second baby.

  • Singapore blogger Xiaxue.

    She is famous online television personality as well as popular Singaporean blogger. She is interested in writing about everything in her life, local issues, fashion and very proactive in her life. Most of her blogs have the ability to attract lots of readers every day and achieve some impressive blog awards. She is also married to American engineer and has one child.

  • Singapore blogger Naomi.

    This pretty lady is considered as one of the most influential blogger and influencer in different social media platforms. She starts being social media user last 2009. From then on, she gains recognition from her fans and became popular in 2011

  • Singapore blogger Kay Kay.

    She is more than a beautiful woman as she is  very creative in writing her blog. She started this kind of career since 2011 and has very strong presence in Instagram.

All of these beautiful Singaporean ladies are considered top bloggers in Singapore 2016 and inspire lots of aspiring bloggers who wants to follow their footsteps. So if you want to become beauty bloggers in Singapore and become most popular all over the world, you can start now browse more for their work to get more ideas on how to create an attractive and engaging blog to your reader.

It is true that all of these Singapore bloggers 2016 are very famous in their chosen career. However, there is also the time that they get involve to some controversies in which you need to avoid. Therefore, you need to keep in your mind that you should only write things that are relevant and helpful to your readers. Through this way, you will not just become a famous blogger but as well as a good provider of useful information.