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5 Tips on How to Use Influencer Marketing Strategy to Reach More Customers

By December 2, 2018October 31st, 2019No Comments

Influencer Marketing Strategy has Evolved.

Influencer marketing strategy: Master influencer marketing instagram with important influencer marketing examples such as social media. It is no longer just a place to connect with old friends and meet new ones. It has become a vital platform for brands to engage their audience and reach more relevant customers. This allows brands to successfully drive conversions through social selling. Therefore, social media is a place marketers can no longer ignore. In this article, we will discuss how to use social selling to reach more customers. Before that, let’s elaborate a little on social selling.

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Influencer marketing examples: Put Social Before Selling

Think of social selling, simply, as your brand being social or personable with your consumers and selling when it’s relevant. With social media analytics, it’s easier than ever to gain a comprehensive understanding of your buyer personas. Knowing your audience’s’ interests and behaviors can help you build messaging that resonates with and strengthen long-term relationships.

On social media, consumers shouldn’t be strangers by the time you sell to them. Now let’s see how we can make the most of these platforms.

#1: Pick Your Social Media or Don’t

Each social media platform has a unique personality — the artsy Pinterest, the trendy Instagram, the professional LinkedIn, and so on. You should choose the platform which gels well with your product and matches your brand’s identity. If you have a B2B product, you might want to focus more on LinkedIn than Instagram.

If you are an apparel brand, it will be the other way around. In that case, Instagram and Facebook will be your major places of activity. Keep your products and brand in mind while choosing your preferred social media platforms. Here are three things you should consider while choosing a suitable social media platform:

  1. Where do your customers visit the most?
  2. How can you access your target the best?
  3. What rate does your ads get clicked the most?

You’ll need to analyze your performance carefully on each social platform. You can also choose to explore all social channels if your time and budget permits. This will help you get a better understanding of what works best for you.


group of people huddling#2: Join Groups, Make Your Own, or Do Both

There are likely many groups related to your product on social media. Join those groups, follow the discussions, and participate in them. Remember, related groups are highly targeted areas where you have a high chance of conversions. If you can’t find a relevant group, create one and try to build a space for people to talk about shared interests relevant to your industry.


#3: Analytics is the Key 

For every influencer marketing strategy, you need analytics to measure its effectiveness. This will help you understand how to take further steps in developing new influencer marketing strategy and making improvements. For social selling, analytics are a must. You need to constantly track your posts’ performance. You may already be using Google Analytics to measure traffic to your website.

#4: Use Storytelling to Engage like in many influencer marketing examples

You have followers, and you may have caught the interest of some consumers. Your job doesn’t end there. It is just the beginning. You have to engage consumers throughout their journey. Otherwise, they might lose interest in you at any time. There are many ways you can engage your followers like providing useful information, organizing an event or contest, etc. Storytelling one of the best influencer marketing examples to engage consumers.

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Storytelling can happen through a video, an infographic, or just a simple image or post. A good explainer video can be a great brand storyteller. Tell a story about how your product makes life easier and how it has helped other people. One platform is influencer marketing instagram. You can also tell a story on influencer marketing instagram about how your product came to be. You can take Airbnb’s amazing photo stories and real-life traveling stories as an example.


#5: Targeted Ads

In the case of other online channels, it might take some time to yield results for influencer marketing instagram. Social media ads can fetch you results from day one. Therefore, this should be your prime focus. Almost all social media channels have their own advertising platforms. To reach more customers, you can try different influencer marketing strategy on influencer marketing instagram