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What it’s like to be a content creator

By March 10, 2017No Comments

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Pros and Cons of being a Content Creator

30 years ago, no one would have thought of the possibility to be a content creator. Today, content creator is one of the most popular unconventional job. Just look at the number of Bloggers or social media influencers on the internet, from Casey Neistat to XiaXue.

We will be sharing more on the more prominent pros and cons of being a content creator in Singapore.

Money, Money, Money (and more Money)


One small perk of being a content creator is of course the compensation.  According to The Daily Mail, the world’s highest earning YouTube stars makes up to $15m a year from their online shows. In this industry, there are different forms of compensation methods.  It may be in the form of cash, gift cards, or physical goods. This is on top of all the media preview or events that content creators may be invited to. There are also influencers platforms that may provide job offers to influencers on a case by case basis. Regardless of the way content creators are paid, it is certain that they are earning good money.

The previous example refers to popular top tier content creator. If you are an individual who prefers stability, content creator may not the job for you. Cashflow is not secure in this industry as one day you are in and the next day you are out. It really boils down to how relevant and engaging your content is.

Creative Control

Of course, content creators are paid for their content. The originality and popularity of their content determines how much they are being paid. Therefore, creative control is something that all content creators must have. Be it the social media post or videos that content creators come up with, they are in full control of it. It is a technique that content creators have to master to come up with interesting content that their audience like. This is also one of the hardest part of their job. It is not easy to keep up with trends and constantly push out engaging content!

Your Private Life is Public

For most content creators, their personal life is mixed with their work. Vloggers record their daily life and share them on Youtube while bloggers write about their daily life and share it online. You can easily become the talk of the town whether you like it or not – even your private matters may be exposed. That being said, some content creator love sharing their life with their viewers. After all, content creator is all about the content and their unique perspective. With the right measure in place, you can decide how much you want to share.

To sum it up, content creator‘s life is not just glitz and glamour but it’s about hardwork too. Having to come up with interesting content consistently to engage their viewers is a tough job. Not to mention, having to share their personal life with their viewers too. If you are up for the challenge to be a content creator, start coming up with your very own content. Who knows you might end up on the top of this year highest earning YouTube stars.