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Social Media changes Singapore’s Fashion and Beauty Industry

By January 5, 2018July 18th, 2019No Comments

Singapore Fashion and Beauty

Singapore is home to a vibrant blogging community and let’s check out the fashion and beauty industry today!

There are many beauty bloggers in Singapore and fashion blogger singapore on instagram that many Singaporeans look up to when searching for the Singapore style. Pinterest or fashion blogs tumblr are also useful platforms to consider for your #ootds inspirations!

Singapore Fashion and Beauty Bloggers

The Singapore fashion bloggers list and Singapore influencers list includes well-known influencers that have a Singapore fashion bloggers instagram feed. The effort they placed into creating good content have gained them a constant following! They can now be considered as one of the top social media influencers in Singapore. If you have time, do check out some of the Singapore beauty blogger Instagram, where you can consider this year’s top bloggers in singapore 2017 or top influencers in Singapore 2017 when you make purchase decisions.

mongbong, blogger, singapore, instagram, fashionNicolechangmin, Instagram, blogger, beauty, fashion

             @Mongabong                              @nicolechangmin

There are a handful of these singapore social media influencers extending out of instagram to produce content on platforms like youtube and blogs.

There are many fashion blog sites such as street fashion blogs and urban fashion blogs where these singapore fashion bloggers blog showcase and share about the latest trends and best buys throughout the year.

Singapore Beauty Blogger 2017

Here’s one of the best of singapore beauty blogger 2017, where she shares about her real experiences and provide feedbacks on products she had tried with her followers. She is non other than Singapore beauty blogger bun bun!

bunbun, beauty, blogger

Singapore Beauty Youtuber

Moving on to Singapore beauty youtuber, we have a handful of Singapore beauty influencers who posts beauty hacks and tutorials. They can also be considered as Singapore makeup influencers that teaches people how to use makeup appropriately to their advantages.

youtube, mongabong, fashion, beauty


bellywellyjelly, youtube, instagram, blogger, blog, fashion, beauty


Budget Fashionista

We also have the budget fashionista like budget barbie @Bongqiuqiu ! She brings viewers to places in Singapore to purchase cheap and good clothes! The Singapore bloggers list expands to blogs with a unique Singapore style. They are usually ranked as the top beauty bloggers Singapore and top beauty influencers Singapore.

The blogging and social media scene extend out of fashion and beauty. The more generic and relatable genre is lifestyle where influencers share about anything or everything with their following. They can be lifestyle bloggers Singapore or  lifestyle influencers Singapore. They usually gain a broader following as compared to their niche peers, often emerging as  top instagram influencers Singapore or  top Singapore instagrammers.