April 2019

Kid Influencers 2019 – Who are the kids you see online?

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Kid Influencers on Social Media Engaging kids on social media may not be easy. Keep in mind that their parents handle most of the kids' social media accounts. That means that you have to reach out to two different audiences at the same time to convey your message. Bridging this gap between two different audiences [...]

The 3 most common influencer marketing misconceptions

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We begin with a simple introduction on influencer marketing. Influencer marketing refers to the use of an influencer to promote a brand/product. An influencer is an individual who plays a part in shaping the perceptions and decisions of the people around them. For the sake of today’s article, we will be focusing on online influencers [...]

Top 5 Influencer Marketing ROI you need to know | Influencer Marketing

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The average person has a total of 5.54 social media accounts, spends 116 minutes on social media each day.  With 1.7 billion users on social media, advertisers and brands are beginning to shift their attention to this new phenomenon. However, what can we expect from social media marketing, or more specifically influencer marketing? Will engaging [...]

Tips for Influencer Marketing that everyone should know about

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How to achieve success in influencer marketing Influencer marketing is tremendously picking a lot of steam around the world. Many businesses have boosted their brand awareness and sales through influencer marketing. Recently, reports indicate that more and more people are using ad blockers to cut the cord with advertisers and the trend is expected to [...]

What can you do in the influencer marketing industry?

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With the influx of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, the term social media influencers was coined, referring to users who have the power to shape perceptions of others on social media sites.   Today, we are looking at the variety of jobs this billion dollar (according to influencer marketing Forbes, a 10 [...]

How does Influencer Marketing work in Singapore?

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Singapore Digital Marketing Mobile technology and applications are now extensively being deployed in Singapore for the aim to create an effective marketing strategy. Influencer marketing Instagram specifically is currently one of the top leading social media platforms that brands are using to reach a mass number of people in Singapore. The below is a list [...]

The million dollar question – Facebook VS Instagram?

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The showdown of - Influencer marketing platform On April 9 2012, the online community was greeted with the news of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. Doubts, questions, cheers surfaced out of that business deal. What big changes could we expect? Were the two platforms going to become identical? Well, 7 years on, we see that while [...]

Types of influencer 2019 | Celebrity, Macro, Micro and Nano Influencers

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Which category of Social Media Influencers do you belong to? As a brand, finding the right influencers is key to an effective marketing strategy on social media. Today, businesses are turning to their favorite Instagram models or YouTube stars not only for effective marketing strategies but also for purchasing decisions.   Social media influencers are [...]

March 2019

Calling all the travellers out there!

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Sure Drool Instagram travel guide   Be it the short getaways to neighboring countries or the month long exotic travel to another continent, Singaporeans are up for any kind of holiday. It was reported that Singaporeans took an average of 5.2 trips in 12 months (we have surely caught the travel bug). Therefore, today’s article [...]