Project Description

Changi Airport Group


Before Kobe:

The campaign aims to increase awareness and usage of this online shopping website by Changi Airport Group. This is a relatively new concept to many Singaporeans and this platform shows a great usage for many frequent travelers.

After Kobe:

Specific group of influencers were involved to educate the product – iShopChangi. The promotion of this website highlights the convenience of online shopping before flying off. In general, the campaign gained a wide outreach, allowing more audiences to be aware of the platform.


298,776 outreach and 3,946 engagements


Kobe is a wonderful team to work with. The process flow was well thought out and efficient. We appreciate that they really took time and interest in understanding our business, and proposed very rationale and interesting ideas, all the while keeping in mind the campaign goals that we set out to achieve. Kobe involved our team to brainstorm and align on ideas and directions to explore. Throughout the process was very receptive to our requests and changes, and always have counter-proposals or remedies when we meet with any issues. We had wanted a specific group of influencers – truly frequent travelers, and Kobe managed to narrow it down with their platform, thereby also introducing to us many fresh faces (and new audiences to reach), of whom we would not have known otherwise. Follow-ups were well-managed, and Odessa was very on-the-ball with our queries and liaison with Influencers, ensuring that the influencers posted on-time with genuine and accurate content. The result, both engagement and outreach achieved way surpassed what was promised!

-Sheng Juan

Senior Associate, Online Retail


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