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Kobe Case Study with UNIQLO

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@krisonsum The only way I can stay fresh and comfortable is by having Uniqlo AIRism with me🙌🏻 . Featuring the AIRism Ultra Seamless Boxer Briefs (I was honestly so shocked at how comfy it was), and the AIRism Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt, these staples are a MUST HAVE, especially when you are styling up for the hot summer weather☀️ . I really recommend you try them out for yourselves! Let me know which ones y’all love! . @uniqlosg . #fashion #mensfashion #summeroutfits #UNIQLO #AIRism #LifeWithAIRism #style ♬ original sound - Krison Sum
@hargaochunks Here are some easy ways for you to upgrade the basic "Singapore Uniform"! Every apparel item in this video can actually be found on Uniqlo, and their AIRism lineup is honestly one of my faves to keep comfy and fresh when the weather is blazing! #sgfashion #basics #mensweartips #AIRism #UNIQLO #LifeWithAIRism @uniqlosg ♬ original sound - Nicholas Teo
@hadeelelmadhoon Wearing the softest and comfiest quick dry items for summer from @UNIQLO Canada #AIRism #UNIQLO #LifeWithAlRism @UNIQLO USA ♬ original sound - Hadeel
@dinashuz My top choice for innerwear? It has to be UNIQLO AIRism because it is hands down, the best material I know for ultimate comfort. AIRism can dry your sweat quickly and it's so smooth that you won't even realize you're wearing innerwear. Too good to be true? Try it out for yourselves. @UNIQLO Malaysia #AIRism #UNIQLO #LifeWithAIRism ♬ original sound - Dina Sallehudin
@yuki_dance_ Energy Level Dance Challenge with my AIRism fit! 🙌🏻 I can definitely move more comfortably and freely without limiting my movements and worrying about sweat 😄💯 @UNIQLO Malaysia #AIRism #UNIQLO #LifeWithAIRism #babymonster #2ne1iamthebest #2ne1 #chiquita #babymonster #kpopdance ♬ I Am The Best - 2NE1