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When you think of TikTok, what comes to mind? Dance challenges? Comedic videos? Lip syncing videos? Well, while these types of content can be easily found on TikTok, there is a huge variety of other content on TikTok – pet-related content being one of them.

Many owners have taken their pets online. Some even go as far as to create TikTok accounts for their pets. One of the most popular pet influencers out there include Jiffpom, the adorable Pomeranian the internet is obsessed with. With over 20 million followers on TikTok alone, Jiffpom’s account is a testament to the immense popularity that pet accounts can receive.

Today’s article will feature 7 pet influencers that are bound to win the hearts of any animal or pet lover out there.

Pet TikTokers: #1. Darren and Phillip (@The_blueboys)

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Firstly, we have Darren and Phillip (@The_blueboys), the two bubbly Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are always seen together on TikTok. With over 300K followers and close to 10 million likes, we can certainly see how many dog lovers are enamoured with these two adorable dogs.

From cute dog outfits to adorable dog birthday parties, Darren and Phillip can be seen doing all sorts of activities on the TikTok account. Their owners are currently expecting a baby. Therefore, if you are interested in how these two cute dogs would interact with a newborn, do pay attention to the content that this account will be featuring.

Pet TikTokers: #2. Tuti, Yuki and Moshi (@tutiandyuki)

Secondly, we have Tuti, Yuki and Moshi (@tutiandyuki), who are three cats living harmoniously together.

If you are a cat lover, this account is a must to check out. This is especially so if you have a preference for cute furry cats. This TikTok account features 3 adorable felines – from cute cat hats to pov videos, these cats are a great addition to anyone’s TikTok following page. With over 3 million followers, these three adorable pets have not only gained fans from Singapore, but have won over the hearts of the global population.

Furthermore, the account is huge on positivity. Many of the videos often feature the cats alongside positive words of encouragement. For instance, in one video, Yuki can be seen meowing on a video with a caption that states “you’re doing great”. Therefore, if you are in need of some words of affirmation after a long day at work or school, do check out what these 3 cats have to offer on TikTok.

Pet TikTokers: #3. Wolfie and Sharky (@littlewolfiebird)

Thirdly, we have Wolfie and Sharky (@littlewolfiebird), two blue parrots that are capable of doing all sorts of tricks.

Even if you are not a bird enthusiast, Wolfie and Sharky’s TikTok is worth checking out for its interesting content. From skateboarding to playing basketball, these two parrots show us that there is absolutely nothing this pair of parrots cannot do.

Furthermore, as Sharky is a recent addition to the family, the TikTok account also features Sharky’s growth from the day he was brought home. Therefore, if you enjoy watching content about adorable baby birds, Wolfie and Sharky’s account is one for you.

Pet TikTokers: #4. Towkay (@towkaytay49)

Fourthly, we have Towkay (@towkaytay49), who is a Pomeranian that has garnered the attention of many dog lovers in Singapore.

Even if Pomeranians are not your favourite breed of dogs, Towkay’s account is a must check out. Towkey’s sassy personality shines through the entertaining TikTok videos on the account.

For instance, in a recent video, Towkay can be seen riding in his personal mini sports car – a video that is both comedic and adorable at the same time.

If you find yourself falling in love with this orange pomeranian, you are in for a treat. Apart from Towkay Merch, there are also telegram stickers of Towkay that you can use in your daily conversations.

Pet TikTokers: #5. Milk Tea (@naicha.milktea)

Moving on, we have Milk Tea (@naicha.milktea), who is a brown cat with over 20K followers on TikTok.

With her adorable expressions, it is no wonder why she has received so much attention on TikTok. From POV videos to cute challenges, Milk Tea is a cat that has participated in many of the TikTok trends.

Pet TikTokers: #6. Bruno (@whiteboy_bruno)

Next up, we have Bruno (@whiteboy_bruno), a lively Japanese Spitz. Bruno’s account is sure to make your day. After all, what is there not to love about a white Japanese Spitz doing TikTok challenges?

From greeting his owners by the door to stealing pieces of clothing – this dog and its antics are just plain adorable. It is no wonder why he has received so much love on TikTok. With over 40K followers, we are excited to see what else Bruno will be up to!

Pet TikTokers: #7. Charlie, Clyde and Cleo (@Thesnyderzoo)

Lastly, we have Charlie, Clyde and Cleo (@Thesnyderzoo) – who are three European Danes with over a million followers on TikTok.

From playing around in the house to nap times, the TikTok account documents the daily activities of these 3 majestic dogs. Apart from the three dogs, the Synder household is also the owner of two adorable cats, Lily and Daisy.

Therefore, whether you are a dog or cat lover, do check out their TikTok account for great pet-related content. Additionally, they also have a YouTube account where you can catch the pets in action!


In a nutshell, TikTok has proved to be the platform for all sorts of content and as we can see from today’s article, it is surely not lacking in pet-related content. Therefore, if you are an animal lover, do check out these adorable pets on TikTok.

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