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When mentioned TikTok, many would associate the app with lip-synching, comedic skits, and trendy dance videos. While it is mostly true, TikTok is also a platform where many TikTokers post content about their pets.

Everybody enjoys watching animal videos, whether it is about a highly affectionate parrot or a cat displaying its amazing talents. In fact, some popular pets have become pet influencers themselves, garnering millions of loyal followers who watch their content for some cuteness and a pick-me-up.

Whatever your reasons for watching pet content, we have compiled five pet TikTokers that you should follow for your daily animal dosage.

Pet TikToker #1: Otis the box turtle

Otis The Box Turtle

While the account has now been taken over by several other types of reptiles, from tortoises and turtles to iguanas and chameleons, the TikTok page started with Otis the box turtle, who is known for its eclectic personality. One minute, Otis will be trying to bite its owner’s nose. The next, it will be lounging on the table as its owner enjoys his cup of coffee. Otis’s love for chin rubs has gained him the moniker of being the world’s most famous turtle. Who says reptiles cannot be cute?

Pet TikToker #2: Dunkin Ducks

Dunkin Ducks

With over 5.2 million followers on their TikTok page, this group of ducks from Australia might be one of the most popular ducks in the world. Known as “The Quack House”, the Dunkin Ducks are well known for their luxurious lifestyle that their owner wonderfully blesses them with. They can be seen on their TikTok page drinking fresh strawberry-infused iced water, feasting on a pet-friendly blueberry pie, and going for car rides. Their personable antics and behaviours are the reasons for their immense popularity. They have even appeared on a morning TV show!

Pet TikToker #3: Guinea pig Rosie

Guinea Pig Rosie

If we are talking about the most pampered pets in the world, Rosie, the guinea pig, is probably at the top of the list, from exploring the world with its human family to enjoying all sorts of delicious fruits, such as grapes, pomegranates, bananas, and dragon fruits. With over 375 thousand followers on its TikTok page, Rosie is probably one of the most followed guinea pigs on social media.

Pet TikToker #4: Spider monkey Winston

Spider Monkey Winston

While not exactly a pet per se, Winston the spider monkey is SPARTN’s star primate. SPARTN is a small primate rescue in Tennessee, USA that rescues and rehabilitates monkeys from the Private Pet Trade and medical research sector. Many of them were not housed and cared for properly, with Winston being one of the fortunate primates that was rescued. Together with its fellow primate family, its TikTok page has garnered over 1.6 million followers on TikTok. With its incredibly long limbs and prehensile tail, its TikTok feed is filled with Winston’s antics and quirkiness.

Pet TikToker #5: Nala the golden retriever

Nala The Golden Retriever

With over 5.4 million followers on TikTok, Nala the golden retriever is the most followed pet in this list and might be one of the most followed dogs on the planet. Scroll through its TikTok page, and it is not hard to see why Nala is such a popular pet influencer. Together with its owner, Chris, Nala explores the world, breaking out into its little happy stomps, which started its popularity. Chris calls those stomps the Nala stomps. Nala has recently learned the Nala flops, which essentially is a trust fall from a seated position into Chris’s arms.


In a nutshell, TikTok certainly is a platform for every type of content. Whether you are interested in animals, dance, comedy, or education, the social platform is not lacking. Hence, do give these pets a visit, and you might just find yourself smiling at them unknowingly.