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5 Key Qualities Every Successful Influencer Should Have

Over the past few years, social media influencers have gained increasing popularity and ubiquity, especially as companies continue to look for various avenues to expand their marketing efforts. So what is the role of a social influencer? Well, they are essentially someone who uses their online following to support and promote different brands in the digital space.

Most successful digital influencers maintain a specific network where they can focus on establishing and expanding their audience. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these influencers aim to produce exciting content that will attract plenty of attention from their followers.

However, while everyone can strive to be an influencer, those key opinion leaders who stand out from the crowd often possess specific qualities that make them a cut above the rest. So if you dream of becoming the next Xiaxue, let us share the five essential qualities you need to possess to succeed in this industry.

Key qualities every successful influencer should have: #1. Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is a vital characteristic that every influencer must possess in order to succeed in the industry. A study has shown that around 90 per cent of consumers trust user-generated content over targeted ads when making a purchasing decision. Given the influence a key opinion leader can have on the consuming public, it is essential that you remain trustworthy and credible.

While it might be tempting to produce fluff content to promote a client’s products for a quick paycheck, this tactic will backfire on you in the long run. Audiences are wise to such methods, and if the products you recommend are often unreliable, they will no longer pay attention to your content, leading to a drastic drop in followers.

Key qualities every successful influencer should have: #2. Knowledgeable

Aside from trust, knowledge is also one of the essential qualities that the public looks for when following an influencer, especially if they regularly produce product reviews. Digital influencers are considered experts in their fields of interest, as part of their job scope is to share high-quality and valuable information online.

Therefore, they are expected to possess specialised knowledge on specific topics. Their followers value their views and expect these key opinion leaders to share their knowledge with the audience. Hence, it is vital for you to be as well-read and informed as possible before producing content on a specific subject.

Key qualities every successful influencer should have: #3. Effective communicator

Communication plays a significant role in influencer marketing. Influencers need to communicate effectively to achieve a substantial follower base and promote clients’ brands successfully. Imagine this: if content creators are constantly stuttering when talking about a product and seem to be unsure of themselves, would you trust what they say and continue to follow them? The answer will likely be a no!

Key qualities every successful influencer should have: #4. Relatable

Relatability is another essential feature that defines a successful influencer. Being an influencer requires you to be connected and involved with your audience. Building a close-knit relationship with your followers is essential since it helps you establish a down-to-earth and relatable reputation, influencing how your followers view your persona.

If you wish to establish yourself as a key opinion leader, you need to let your audience relate to you and let them feel as if their lives are not so different from yours. When your followers can see themselves reflected in your persona, they are also more inclined to trust you since they feel you share a similar opinion, making it more likely for them to hear you out and view the content you are sharing.

Key qualities every successful influencer should have: #5. Persuasive 

Being an influencer is almost akin to being a marketer, and one of the key qualities of a successful marketer is persuasion. After all, part of your job as an influencer is to change the behaviour and mindsets of your followers by voicing your opinions on a specific subject, which requires you to be persuasive.

Many companies consider influencer marketing to be more effective than other forms of digital marketing, as persuasive influencers can often convince sceptical followers to try a product or service, whereas this same group of followers might switch off when presented with an online advertisement.


Becoming a successful social media influencer is not a piece of cake. You need to work hard to establish a solid base of followers and supporters to succeed in the industry. To achieve that, you will need to possess several essential qualities that enable you to stand out from the crowded sea of influencers.

Essentially, a successful social media influencer is not just someone popular. You also need to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, communicative, relatable, and persuasive. So if you are looking to achieve your dream of being a key opinion leader, do ensure you pay attention to the following qualities we have shared.