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Coming Up With Good Content for Content Marketing

By March 10, 2017No Comments

Guide to Up your Marketing Game

Evergreen Content, Engaging External Marketing Agency etc..

Previously we talk about content marketing and its benefits. Let’s take a step further and find out some tips and tricks to help you ace your content marketing game!


You need to come up with engaging content that are original to grab attention. This means that the content needs to be good and original. In Singapore, you can see famous content creators like The Smart Local that curate original content that many are attracted to. The Smart Local team comes up with refreshing short video clips that features new hangout or dinning options in Singapore.

Other than attracting eyeballs, coming up with original content also prevents you from legal lawsuit. Due to the strict Copyright Act and intellectual property rights around the world, businesses need to be careful with the content they are posting. Photographs, video, original artwork, text and other type of content or media are sensitive content. Therefore, make sure you check the source of the content and acknowledge them if you happen to use other people’s work.


If you find it difficult to come up with original content, why not outsource it? A good content marketing agency can help to create and distribute content across key marketing mediums. They will help you to come up with original content that is most suitable for your brands. Remember to claim present and future worldwide right, title and interest in and to all of the work product. This is to give you the rights to future distribution in case you want to reuse them.  Also, make sure that the brand is the sole owner of all rights, title and interest to any and all of the work produced. With that, hiring a right agency will help you come up with power content!



evergreen, young

One of the biggest pitfall of content marketing is to come up with seasonal content or on hot current trends. They will certainly increase the traffic to your site but the impacts are short lasting. Once these trends or fads dies, the value of the content decreases drastically. The way to go is to aim for evergreen content that will never go out of style. For instance, instead of creating a video to talk about Pokemon Go why not talk about mobile game applications in general? You can use topic such as “Top 10 Games on App Store” and include Pokemon Go inside the topic, it will be an ever green content. This is particularly important for small businesses who want the marketing effort to be long lasting.


Now that you know all the tips and tricks of coming up with good content, get your creative juice flowing and start creating. Remember original evergreen content is the way to go and if you need any help go find the experts in content marketing!