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Why influencer marketing today is best for e-commerce

By October 21, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

E-commerce and Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing today with influencer marketing 2018 triumphing the industry. Work your way up with our influencer marketing examples. Influencer marketing is quickly occupying e-commerce niche. here’s some successful influencer marketing examples and reasons why you should start doing influencer marketing today. 

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Definition of influencer marketing today

An influencer is an individual or a company/brand that is actively using social media to promote themselves. People follow them for their reviews and recommendations, hence there’s a degree of trust. An influencer partner and promote the business in the form of reviews. Therefore, it will not look like an advertisement, but more like a honest advice.

Most importantly, it is crucial to find an influencer that fits the function of your business. One way you can do to ensure the fit is to browse through one’s feed. Thus, that influencer will be closer to the audience you need. This increases the trust and chance you have to convert the followers into new buyers. 


Why you need influencer marketing

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A lot of brands cooperate with influencer marketing today, and it yields results.  Influencer marketing 2018 is better than a common advertising since influencers just recommend your goods. You can find many successful influencer marketing examples online! Hence, you cannot ignore the fact that your competitors have already started using influencer marketing 2018. 

We all love updates- Social Media is a necessity

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We bet you saw that today many brands promote their product mostly in social media than on their websites. It is connected with a great popularity of social networks among people. Apart from additional interest to your product, you will increase trust if you will be live and active on social media. People usually find trust in you if you have accounts in a few social networks that are updated every day, and having fresh and relevant information that’s always available.

As a result, influencers can help you make your product popular. Thanks to a large audience in social media, you just need to collaborate with the right influencer.

SEO is easier, and faster

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As in the case with websites or apps, you need to optimize your search engine to make your software rank 1st in Google search.

Influencer marketing can help you implement this. With the help of influencers, more inbound links and social interest will make your website ranking grow. So it is the basis of SEO.

Always track your results

You should always track your marketing campaigns. Otherwise, there is no sense in launching it.  Today social networks can provide you with special tools to measure the conversion rate and return on investment rates (ROI) easily. There are a few main metrics you should pay attention to, like the number of visits, activity on social media, and social feedbacks.