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7 Travel Instagrammers to follow | Travel influencers for pandemic travels
Travel influencers, Travel Instagrammers

In recent months, the easing of measures has allowed many to begin their travels. The increase in Green Lanes and Vaccinated Travel Lines (VTLs) are a cause of celebration for many. After all, it has been close to two years since many of us last travelled.

Therefore, today we are introducing 7 travel influencers for some travel inspiration and tips.
Whether you want to find the best Airbnb in the world or enjoy discovering new cultures and cuisines, these are 7 travel influencers you have to check out.

Travel Instagrammers: #1. Jacob Riglin

Travel influencers, Travel Instagrammers

Firstly, we have Jacob Riglin (@jacob), who is a travel influencer that has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Like many other travel influencers, he has the ability to capture breath-taking scenic shots of the different places that he has gone to. From the icy slopes of Finland to the sweltering desserts in Turkey, Jacob has managed to capture many of these beautiful scenes on his social media account.

Other exotic locations he has recently visited include Mexico, where he has thoughtfully captured the bits and pieces of his trip online. Therefore, you should certainly check out his Instagram account if you are looking for inspiration on where to go on your next trip.

Additionally, he is also very interested in NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens. Therefore, if you want to pick up a few tips on NFTs while you look for travel inspiration, his account might be worth a follow.

Travel Instagrammers: #2. Oyehaug

Secondly, we have Oyehaug (@oyehaug), who is a travel influencer and a huge adventurer.

As a travel influencer, Oyehaug has proven himself to be more than capable of taking wanderlust types of shots. From sunrises at amazing vantage points to shots of cliff diving, he has captured many of his adventures for his Instagram influencers.

However, what makes his pictures extra unique is the adorable dog that is always with him. In one of the recent videos he has posted, his dog can even be seen sitting peacefully in a canoe.

Additionally, he is very known for capturing the beauty of Norway on his social media account. If you are a fan of nature and enjoy a good Trek, do check out his account which features many of natures’ best scenery.

Travel Instagrammers: #3. Mikki Tenazas

Thirdly, we have Mikki Tenazas (@mgtenazas), who is a travel influencer that is an avid lover of tropical beaches and oceans.

Some of the countries that he has visited as of late include Portugal, France and Maldives. A quick scroll on his Instagram page will bring you from the clear waters of Maldives to the quaint alleyways of Portugal. Even if you cannot travel, such pictures are a great way to satisfy our desire to explore.

Apart from his Instagram account, he also has a TikTok account with the same username. From clips of beautiful resorts to sunny beaches, his TikTok account would awaken your desire to travel. We would certainly recommend his account to those who enjoy a good tropical vacation at a nice resort.

Travel Instagrammers: #4. Maz Green

Fourthly, we have Maz Green (, who is a travel influencer best known for her reviews of hotels.

Unlike some of the other travel influencers on this list, Maz did not start her career out in the travel industry. Prior to her blog, she was actually working in the finance industry. However, thanks to her love for vacations and hotels, we now have a great source of information to check out for our next travel.

Maz’s account focuses on all types of hotels. Although the account often features different types of luxurious hotels all over the world, there is a fair share of quaint and boutique accommodation on the platform.

Apart from the interior details of the accommodation, the account also features the exterior view of the accommodations. From tranquil views to experiences like dining at the adjoining vineyard, you do get an idea of what it is like to be a guest at the particular accommodation.

Therefore, if you are one that enjoys looking for interesting accommodation abroad, do check out her Instagram account.

Additionally, apart from an Instagram account, she also has a Blog and a TikTok account that is equally interesting.

Travel Instagrammers: #5. Rosalyn Lee

Next up, we have Rosalyn Lee (@heyrozz), who is a fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer.

As an influencer based in Singapore, she, like many of us, could not travel for the past year due to the pandemic. However, with the recent travel lanes that have opened up, Rosalyn has jumped on the bandwagon of travelling.

Her recent trips to France and Spain have been documented on her Instagram account. From savouring great wine to trekking trips, Rosalyn has been dutifully sharing such amazing moments with her audience.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Europe, her recent postings might be worth checking out.

Travel Instagrammers: #6. Quin Gable

Moving on, we have Quin Gable (@quingable), who takes solo travelling to the next level.

If you are a cat lover, you would certainly love Quin’s account. This is because she often travels with two cats, Atlas and Otto. In fact, you can catch her cats exploring new national parks and going on trekking expeditions with her.

Additionally, her content often features a wide variety of scenic views captured from the USA. Oregon, Washington, Utah – the list of states she has visited in the past year has been colossal. Therefore, do check out her account if you are planning to visit the USA anytime soon.

Travel Instagrammers: #7. Xin Lin Khaw

Lastly, we have Xin Lin Khaw (@xinlinnn), who is a local fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer.

Her recent trip to Korea was heavily documented on her Instagram account. Therefore, if you are based in Singapore and planning a trip to Korea, her account is one to look out for. From the best places to dine in Seoul to the scenic views of Nami island, there is a great deal of information on her Instagram account.


With the easing of pandemic measures and the increase in global travel, travel influencers have been taking the lead in documenting their travel experience online. Therefore, do check out these 7 travel influencers for inspiration and information about global travels.

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