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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2019

By January 20, 2019July 9th, 2024No Comments

Hello Influencer Marketing 2019

Although influencer marketing strategy with influencer marketing examples is important for influencer marketing 2019, you need more work. If we strip influencer marketing down to its most basic form, we could say it’s to drive a brand’s message to its target audience in a more authentic way. But there is one key factor that can make or break the transition from consumer awareness to consideration of actually taking action: credibility. But we need more than what we already know.

Firstly, the long-term way to stay competitive in influencer marketing 2019 is to continue to deepen understanding of target audience and customers.


  1. Better Audience and Customers Analysis for influencer marketing 2019Image result for analysis

One of the reasons that AI is emerging in marketing is that it can extract more subtle patterns about your customers out of the data collected. There is a wide range of tactics available to do this including qualitative user research, surveys, web user session recording, split testing, and analytics. To meet the desires and needs of your followers, you need to have results fast.

As we mentioned, trust is fundamental. People only buy from people they trust.

  1. Higher emphasis on trust and authenticity

Trust issues are at a sky high due to the expansion of fake news and product placements. The call for businesses to increase transparency and government to act is set to grow. For example, Facebook defending its privacy practices and more data leaks throughout 2018. 

In email, consumers are looking for personalized relevant experiences. This is how you get the attention of your customers to take a look at their cart again. However, we have to emphasis that more trust and transparency is needed for consumers to happily share their data. And as mentioned previously, the data enables you to provide the marketing experiences they desire.

It used to be a dream, but Artificial Intelligence is slowly being a part of different marketing channels in form of chatbots and dynamic websites. Image result for trust


  1. Automate, Personalise and Send E-mail out with AI.

Did you know that email marketing is catching up with innovations? There are smarter email automation including personalization in the subject line using AI now. That may not be a human thats sending you emails. Although AI in emails is not strong enough to handle email campaigns by itself now, it surely does reduce the workload for an email marketer. What needs to be seen is how email marketers will utilize the power of AI in the coming future.

  1. More Precise Marketing in Influencer marketing 2019

What is precision marketing?

Keep an eye out for precision marketing. Although it may be something new to you today, who knows it will be used regularly soon? If you use marketing automation, you’re using a form of precision marketing. But true precision marketing goes even deeper than that. It is the ability of marketers to hyper-target prospects based on behaviors, desires, and previous purchases. Precision Marketing is a prediction system to start igniting your interest.

Lastly,  the increase of selling with influencer marketing strategy will lead to sales and marketing departments to become more closely aligned. 

  1. Sales and Marketing Teams to Work Closer than Ever

The line between the two departments continuing to blur, if not disappearing altogether. Marketing pros must become sales experts and modern sellers must become marketers. If influencer marketing 2019 is to have a future, sales and marketing departments must adjust and align.