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The Power Of Social Media Influencers in 2018

By August 26, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

Using influencers in marketing

Social media influencer marketing has no signs of slowing down. Influencer on these platforms are getting all sorts of requests to collaborate, with the intentions to capitalise on the power of social media influencers with social media influencer marketing, using influencers in marketing

The power of social media influencers
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There is more to assuming leveraging on a large following of an influencer translates into more eyeballs on their business. Honestly, it does, and of course more sales, but here are the three main reasons why influencer marketing is incredible at delivering your brand value to your audiences.

  • Guaranteed returns of results
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Its enough news in reporting how high an influencers’ income can be. One of the most attractive benefits of influencer marketing is the ROI it can deliver, and hence why influencers are recognised. To leverage on the correct influencers, brands have to choose accurately in order to drive sales and brand awareness. The flexibility of influencer marketing can help you achieve your desired immediate and long term goals through structured campaign planning.

Really, the essence of marketing is to think from your target audience’s’ perspective and be as authentic as possible. Your goal can start from knowing and understanding your customer. Along with pairing with the right influencers, you need to focus on your products and services as that’s what sells itself. This is how you create lasting value and drive revenue. The right product or service paired with a perfectly aligned influencer can deliver an unmatched results faster than any other marketing channels.

2. Authentic recommendations
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Authentic content is very important in social media marketing. Never attempt to hard sell and try hard to sell your products. It does not work well with consumers and influencers.  Think of it this way, their following is already highly interested in what they share on social media, which is what triggered the follow in the first place. Do not dictate how the influencer promote your brand or product, because content gets dismiss quickly.

Influencers understand their crowd the best, and with full control, they can naturally bring your brand message across as though they are a part of their daily routine. To experience the best results, you need to trust the influencers. Allow the influencer to promote your brand in the manner that he or she feels will be well-received by their audience.

3. Positive influence on consumers’ minds

Your goal is to establish a positive connection with consumers. Why are brands spending so much money on influencers?

An influencers’ job is really about reviewing consumer goods. It is very clear when brands go to influencers, in hope for them to consider reviewing their products. Why is this so? Influencers are seen in a favourable light, where people trust the influencers and their reviews.

For the best results, work with influencers that are true followers of your brand. When an influencer genuinely love your brand, it will be obvious when they start talking about your brand. The impact will be greater and when their followers sense an authentic love, they will start to check out your brand, and maybe love it too!

Influencers rise above other marketing channels because social media has allowed a highly personal interactions and analysing. Just because they understand how to create content that their audience loves.


Top influencers are making great success because they are able to introduce brands to their following in an authentic manner. Also remember, without authenticity a campaign is destined to fail.