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8 ways to spice up your brand’s social media updates | Social Media Tips

To create a social media account, it takes minutes. However, for you to build up a social media presence, it takes months of hard work dedicated to the art of content creation. Likewise, it takes a lot of effort to gain a substantial social media following for brands.

Therefore, today’s article hopes to aid you out in your social media updates. We hope that after reading this article, you can be inspired by the social media updates examples we have here!

Social media tips: #1. Quotes

source: creative market

Firstly, we have the use of quotes. Although it might be pretty common to post about quotes on social media, the careful selection of quotes can help differentiate your brand from others.

You can try surfing the internet or social media platforms like Pinterest and Twitter for good quotes. Above all, always keep in mind that for quotes to be impactful, they must be relevant to your target audience.

Pick a quote that will capture the attention of your followers. You can pick a range of quotes. Whether you want it to inspirational of funny, you get to decide!

Social media tips: #2. Recommendations and advice

You probably commonly see recommendations online. Therefore, what is stopping you from using your brand’s social media account to make recommendations?

You do not have to always recommend your company’s product or services. You can make recommendations for many other things.

For example, if you are a clothing brand, you can choose to recommend a good fashion magazine, or the best colour to wear for the season.

Doing so has multiple benefits.

Firstly, your customers get a better range of content. Instead of only seeing postings directly related to your brand, they receive other useful and practical recommendations. This can not only keep them from getting bored of repetitive content but can also attract people to follow your page for good advice.

Secondly, it establishes your brand as an industry leader or expert that gives trustworthy advice. This helps with branding in the long run, which will ultimately benefit your brand.

Quick tip: You can dish out helpful advice/recommendations on social media by staying updated about the latest trends!

Social media tips: #3. Company updates

source: The Smart Local

Be it the awards that your brand has won, a new member or even something as small as a company get together, you can always share them on social media.

You might wonder if it is alright to share non-product related postings online. After all, social media pages are often meant for marketing purposes. However, sharing behind the scenes of your brand can actually be rather helpful for marketing.

This is because it personalizes your brand. For example, sharing about a new colleague online lets your consumers know about the people that are behind your brand’s activities. Therefore, adding a personal touch to your brand-consumer relationship.

Another example would be the sharing of awards and achievements your brand has received. Firstly, doing so can help with branding — being known as a reliable and established brand. Secondly, you include your audience in the celebration of the award, which once again helps to strengthen the relationship your brand has with your consumers.

Social media tips: #4. Work with the occasion

source: Colourpop

If you have a social media account, chances are that you have seen brands posting content in line with a special occasion.

It can be as simple as wishing your consumers happy holidays in the festive season. Of course, you can always take it a step further by coming up with special content such as a giveaway or a limited time only online sale.

Other occasions you can work with include a social media milestone. For example, celebrating your brand’s account hitting a certain number of followers.

Social media tips: #5. Sharing content from other users

source: Fenty Beauty, @seydaerdogan

Are you running out of content ideas for your social media account? This problem can be solved simply through the use of user-generated content. This means that you share content produced by followers/fans of your brands.

This is especially common in the fashion and beauty industry. Makeup brands are often seen sharing ‘looks’ created with their products by other social media users. For example, Fenty beauty has shared a video of @seydaerdogan, using a Fenty lipstick.

Doing helps with content creation. To add on, it also helps establish relationships between brands and their users. This is because users feel a sense of recognition that their content is being shared by the brand.

Social media tips: #6. What is trending on social media

source: Standard Chartered

There will always be something that is trending on social media. From the ice bucket challenge in the past to the bottle flip challenge — we have seen it all.

Trends are a good way to keep your customers engaged. To add on, it also establishes your brand as an up to date brand.

Therefore, your brand can always ride on the bandwagon of social media trends. For example, Standard Chartered has recently created a promotional campaign related to the Face App trend. An application that has the ability to edit users faces into the ‘older version of themselves’.

To ensure your postings are seen by a larger group of people, do remember to use the relevant hashtags related. This not only helps users find your postings easily, but also attracts users that are following these popular hashtags.

Social media tips: #7. Giveaways

source: Pazzion

This is another common strategy used on social media. Giveaways are a good way to engage your audience.

This is because giveaways often involve your customers to like or comment on your content. To enter giveaways, brands often set ‘rules’ such as to comment on a post, or to share a posting on participants personal accounts. Therefore, exposing the brand to a larger number of social media users.

To add on, there is also the additional benefit of collecting feedback. For instance, you can get participants to comment ‘their favourite thing about your brand’. Angling your giveaway like so would be beneficial in collecting customer feedback.

Social media tips: #8. Replying to fans

social media tips, social media updates

This last point is less related to the posting. Instead, it is a tip to building relationships with your online audience.

Do try to reply to comments and questions your posed by followers and fans. This can be done in the comment section or through social media messengers.


Social media updates can be as broad-ranging as you want. Therefore, do not choose to limit your social media updates to a certain type of posts. We hope these 8 social media updates can help you achieve greater heights in your social media journey!

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