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Top photo editing apps your favourite influencers are currently using

Social media. A world filled with aesthetically pleasing pictures that look so effortless. From travel to fashion and food photography. Just how do all these images online come about?

Well, today’s article hopes to clear your doubts, and give you tips on taking the same beautiful pictures you see online. Let’s start revealing the secret behind these stunning Instagram worthy shots.

Apart from a good camera, the foundation of good pictures would be photo editing apps. Whether you want to change the lighting, edit out the crowd, or add depth to a picture, these 6 photo editing apps might be what you need.

Top photo editing app #1 – Adobe Lightroom CC

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If you have a passion for photo editing, this app might not sound foreign to you. What makes it unique is its user friendly design. With existing presets available that allows one to edit pictures with one tap. This application certainly deserves a place on our list of 2019 photo editing apps.

Lightroom is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. It is best known for the precise fine-tuning of colour and the variety of editing tools it offers. Some of them include adjustment tools such as curves, colour, mix and split tone that makes it unique.

What makes it better is that Adobe Lightroom CC is a budget friendly app and is free to download. However, you would have to pay to access certain premium features.

With its multiple functions and its pocket friendly prices, it is no wonder lightroom is a favourite among influencers these days.

Top photo editing app #2 – VSCO


VSCO, also known as Visual Supply Company has been around for a couple of years.

Just like Lightroom, it is a wallet friendly photo editing app. Users can enjoy free downloads of the app in the ios or android app store

Reasons behind its popularity include the range of filters and editing capabilities offered on the platform. Be it the exposure, contrast or temperature of a picture, users are allowed to edit their pictures by playing around with the sliders on the app.

Filled with creative users, the VSCO community features content that hopes to inspire users. Users are allowed to follow other users to seek inspiration and admire the work of other aspiring content creators.

VSCO also allows you to share your edited pictures directly to your personal social media accounts. Linking the app with Instagram stories, Instagram feed and Snapchat. To add on, it syncs across multiple devices, so you can edit photos from anywhere.

Of course, VSCO includes a paid version, where $19.99 a year gets you more than 170 presets, advanced editing tools and inspiring editing hacks.

However, you can always use the free version that comes with 10 presets, basic editing tools and the ability to explore other photos and share your own photos.

Top photo editing app #3 – Superimpose

source: Life in LoFi: iPhoneography

What sets this app apart from other 2019 photo editing apps is its ability to create photos made out of multiple images. It can be considered to be an alternative to Adobe’s photoshop.

Users can blend two or more images together, smooth edges with their editing functions to create natural looking pictures. Other functions include the adjusting of colour, exposure, contrast or saturation of images.

As its name suggests, users can easily superimpose and image on top of another. This process is made fuss free with the app. This is because this user friendly app is designed for both advanced users and beginners.

Although the most prominent function of this app is for blending images, there are other photo editing tools. Superimpose is available on iOS devices for $1.99 and Android devices for $0.99.

Top photo editing app #4 – Snapseed


Developed by Google, Snapseed can be considered a professional photo editing app that provides one with the needed tools.

Its range of functions include turning, cropping, straightening, and adding text to your pictures. Like many other photo editing apps, this app also provides filters; a total of 29 of them.

Although the above functions are widely used, the unique selling point of this app stems from its selective editing feature.

With its control point technology, users are able to position up to eight points on the image and assign enhancements. As invisionapp states “All you need to do is tap an area you want to enhance and after adding that Control Point, you can swipe left or right to darken or lighten it, or swipe up or down to adjust the contrast or saturation.”

Top photo editing app #5 – TouchRetouch


We are no stranger to photo editing apps like Mei tu Xiu Xiu that allows us to remove unwanted blemishes or objects from an image.

TouchRetouch is one of those apps that help perfect that insta-worthy image. Why it can be considered in the list of the ‘2019 top photo editing apps’ is because of its ability to remove unwanted content.

Think the crowd on the beach ruined your aesthetic vacation picture? This is the app for you. Simply use your finger to highlight the items you want to remove and TouchRetouch will replace that object with pixels from the surrounding area. This means that a simple drag can help you perfect your images.

In terms of price, although this app does not come free, its price of 1.99 makes it affordable for many content creators.

Top photo editing app #6 – Unfold


This app has been recommended by many influencers as of late. And that is why it is on our list of 2019 photo editing apps.

Ever since the introduction of Instagram story, the online community has been enthusiastically exploring the use of this feature.

Therefore, apps like Unfold that help to create aesthetically pleasing templates have been a favourite among many influencers.

Unfold provides a set of templates for Instagram Stories, allowing users to create clean and minimalistic looking stories.

The ‘story mode’ on the app also allows you to preview your story, providing a draft of how your story will look like before posting it.

Therefore, for exquisite looking templates, Unfold could be a good option for IG story addicts.


While there are no lack of photo editing apps on the market today, it is important to choose the best of them all. After all, how many apps can a phone store? Therefore, we hope this article about 2019 photo editing apps helped you in your photo editing journey.

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