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We have talked about micro-influencers – but there is still a group that we have not touched on – nano influencers. Nano influencers tend to have even smaller followings as compared to micro-influencers. However, this does not mean they are inferior to other influencers. In fact, the power of influencers when it comes to influencing can be phenomenal.

This is because nano influencers tend to personally know a large proportion of their audience. They also tend to post niche content and are therefore known as experts in their respective fields. Therefore, it can be said that nano influencers appeal to specific groups of people and are deemed as highly credible by their audience.

Nano influencers Singapore: #1. Fen Fen

Nano influencers Singapore, Nano influencersFirstly, we have Fen Fen (@n3fn3f), who is an influencer specialising in food photography. As mentioned earlier, nano influencers tend to produce niche content. This applies to Fen Fen’s case.

Fen Fen is a food influencer and therefore her feed is filled with many pictures of tantalising food. From sweet bakes to healthy sandwiches, Fen Fen clearly provides a range or #foodporn content for her followers on Instagram.

However, what sets Fen Fen apart is her passion for clean and healthy food. If you do scroll down her feed, you will be greeted with many pictures of healthy desserts. From pies to doughnuts, you name it and you will have it!

Nano influencers Singapore: #2. Travis Lim

Secondly, we have another food influencer, Travis Lim (@travlim), who also dedicates a huge portion of his Social Media account to his passion for food.

From fancy desserts like crepes and cakes to savoury foods, Travis’s Instagram is filled with all sorts of food. Even his quirky bio that states “Mostly food, sometimes humans” clearly depicts his dedication to using his account for the sharing of food photography.

To add on, Travis also often travels. His recent travels include Vietnam, Australia, America and more. This means that a large proportion of content includes food photography pictures from all over the world. If you would like your eyes to be treated to a feast, do check out his Instagram account.

Nano influencers Singapore: #3. Jocelyn

Thirdly, we have Jocelyn (@jawslynong), who is a parent influencer. Joycelyn, like many other parent influencers, often documents her family life on Social Media. She is a mother to 2 adorable girls.

If you do check out her Instagram, you will be greeted with many pictures of fun family time. From Universal Studios to the beach, this family is sure having fun together!

Nano influencers Singapore: #4.Karen

Fourthly, we have Karen (@mumscalling). You can probably guess by her Instagram bio that Karen is also a parent influencer. She is a mom to 3 delightful children – a girl and two boys. With over 3000 followers, Karen has made quite the name for herself as a parent influencer online.

Parent influencers dedicate a huge part of their Social Media accounts to pictures of their children. Karen is no exception – a quick scroll through her Instagram will show you many pictures of her young ones. However, Karen also uses her influence on Social Media to share other content.

She has categorized her highlights into categories that will probably be of interest to many other parents. For instance, there is a section for kid-friendly restaurants, and another for activities to do with your children in Singapore. Her wealth of information will certainly be helpful if you are a parent with young children. Therefore, do check out her Instagram for more!

Nano influencers Singapore: #5. Candy

Next up, we have Candy (@candayye), who is a fashion and lifestyle influencer. Candy has over 5000 subscribers, which puts her as one of the most followed nano influencers on this list.

Her content ranges from fitness to fashion and even food. She has also collaborated with several skincare and makeup brands in projects. Her recent work also includes a collaboration with apparel store, Pomelo, where she promoted for them on their 12:12 sale last December.

Nano influencers Singapore: #6. Tiff Hung

Moving on, we have Tiff Hung (@tifffhung), who is a nano influencer that produces travel content. Her feed – can be described to be every traveller’s dream. From pictures of beaches in Bali to beautiful architecture in Morocco, Tiff is always documenting her latest travels on Social Media.

We might not be able to be constantly travelling, but thanks to travel influencers like Tiff we are able to get a glimpse of what the world has to offer. Therefore, if you are looking for travel inspiration, or would just like to look at sights from all over the globe, do check out Tiff’s Instagram.

Nano influencers Singapore: #7. Faith Wong

Our seventh influencer is Faith Wong (@fthwng), who is a fashion and lifestyle influencer. Faith keeps a simplistic yet beautifully curated feed. Be it her inspirational quotes, or the pictures of her OOTD, Faith has managed to put together a feed that is certainly instaworthy.

For those of you interested in astrology, Faith’s account might be a good one to check out. From time to time she also posts content related to her star sign, Aquarius. Therefore, do check out Faith’s account if you are an Aquarius yourself too!

Nano influencers Singapore: #8. Chantelle Quek

Lastly, we have Chantelle Quek (@trancehippie), who is another travel influencer.

To add on, apart from travelling, Chantelle also leads an active lifestyle. From skiing to boxing, she regularly engages in fitness activities despite her busy schedule. Therefore, do check out her account for both travel and fitness inspiration.


In Conclusion, nano influencers might not have the largest numbers in terms of the following. However, their value in influencer marketing is extraordinary. Apart from the close connections they have with their followers, many of them also produce top-notch content. Therefore, do consider adding nano influencers into the mix of influencers you are working with.

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