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As seen from our other TikTok related articles, TikTok is clearly a platform with a wide variety of content. Today, we will be focusing on Music on TikTok. However, we are not talking about lipsyncing videos. Instead, we will be touching on musicians who have generously shared their passion for music on the app.

Music TikTokers: #1. Dharni Ng

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Firstly, we have Dharni Ng (@dharnimusic), who is a Singaporean beatboxer currently based in Poland.

Dharni has won several beatboxing championships. In fact, he broke the record by being the first double champion of Grand Beatbox Battle, having won the competition in 2013 and 2014.

Being so talented at beatboxing, it may come as a surprise that he actually started out by teaching himself how to beatbox back when he was 14. His first public performance was also on his secondary school’s stage, where he showcased his talent at beatboxing.

With his amazing talent, it is no wonder why he has achieved such success on social media. Apart from a significant following on YouTube and Instagram, he also has close to 3 million followers and more than 20 million likes on TikTok. If you are interested in beatboxing, do check out the many amazing sounds he is able to replicate with the art of beatboxing.

Music TikTokers: #2. Darren Xin

Secondly, we have Darren Xin (@darrelplayserhu), who shares his love for the traditional instrument, Erhu, on his TikTok account.

Apart from traditional songs, he often uploads covers of pop songs. In fact, he has uploaded an Erhu rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song, Good 4 U. He also takes song requests from the comments section on TikTok – showcasing to us how talented he is at playing the Erhu.

Apart from song covers, his comedic side is also seen on TikTok. For instance, his recent video includes a relatable skit that showcased his reaction to his students skipping Erhu lessons.

Music TikTokers: #3. Hubert Ng

Thirdly, we have Hubert Ng (@hubertyuzhe), who is a talented homegrown singer-songwriter.

Like many of the other musicians on this list, Hubert has made a significant contribution to the local music scene. In fact, his album soared to #1 album on iTunes when it was first released in 2015. Hubert subsequently went to Taiwan to further his studies. However, that did not stop him from producing great music. Hubert, while studying self-composed and produced songs for several Mandopop artists.

If you are a fan of Chinese songs, or simply interested in supporting local talent, Hubert’s social media platforms are worth checking out. On his TikTok account, he often posts interesting videos that feature optical illusions, that would boggle the minds of his viewers.

Music TikTokers: #4. Benjamin Kheng

Fourthly, we have Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng), who is a member of The Sam Willows. If you have been following Singapore’s music scene for a period of time, you will probably be familiar with the name Benjamin Kheng.

Apart from being a member of the band, he has also launched a rather successful solo career. In fact, he recently launched his latest single, “Baby Mama” – the music video can be found on his YouTube channel.

As a musician, his TikTok account is also filled with music-related content. However, there is also a range of diverse content. From comedic skits to fun musical challenges, Benjamin can be seen mastering the art of content creation on TikTok.

Music TikTokers: #5. Annette Lee

Next up, we have Annette Lee (@annetteandafish), who is a musician who has multiple talents.

Many of you might have seen Annette in the SGAG videos, where she can be seen acting in many comedic skits. Although she has since left SGAG, her talent for acting can still be seen on her TikTok account, where she often acts out relatable and comedic skits.

However, apart from being great at creating comedic content, she is also musically talented. In fact, she has showcased her vocal abilities on multiple stages. Do check out her Disney Medley, in which she performed alongside Benjamin Kheng for the Disney+ event in Singapore.

Music TikTokers: #6. Emma Lim

Moving on, we have Emma Lim (@iemmapotato), who is a musician best known for her melodic voice on TikTok.

Despite only being a teenager, she has amassed quite a following for herself on TikTok. She currently has close to 200K followers and more than 4 million likes on the platform. From Sam Smith covers to Bruno Major’s hit single, she regularly uploads short clips of herself singing.

Music TikTokers: #7. Patrick Lewis

Lastly, we have Patrick Lewis (@djlenerd), who is also known as LeNERD. He is one of the best-known DJs of Zouk.

The clubs might be closed now. However, thanks to DJs like LeNERD, we are still able to appreciate the latest beats through their social media account. If you miss clubbing music, do check out TikTok account where he uploads the different remixes that he has cleverly come up with.


In a nutshell, these are 7 talented musicians that have revitalised our local music scene. Whether you are a fan of music or simply curious about our local talents, do check out their TikTok accounts.

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