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7 Kid Instagrammers to follow | Kid influencers 2021 list
Kid influencers, kid Instagrammers

There is a wide range of content on Instagram. From food recommendations to styling tips, the social media platform is one in which all sorts of information can be found. However, today we will not be talking about using Instagram as our source of information. Instead, we will be looking at adorable kid influencers. Whether you have a child of your own or simply find children adorable, these are 7 kid influencers that are on Instagram.

Kid Instagrammers: #1. Coco

Firstly, we have 11-year-old Coco (@coco_pinkprincess) from Japan. Despite her young age, she has amassed close to 600k followers on the platform.

Coco actually started out on the platform a few years back. However, like the other kid influencers on this list, her account is managed by her family.

If you are a fashion lover, Coco’s account is one to look out for. After all, she showcases her Harajuku fashion on her Instagram account.

In most of her pictures, you will be able to catch her posing effortlessly with different types of glasses. From chic sunglasses to quirky rose-tinted glasses, she models all sorts of unique looking frames on her Instagram account.

Additionally, she is also rather daring in her outfit choice. She is often seen in sneakers with dresses and skirts. She also does not shy away from accessorizing her outfit with unique hats. Therefore, if looking for fashion inspiration for children, do check out her account.

Kid Instagrammers: #2. Taytum & Oakley Fisher

Kid influencers, kid Instagrammers

Secondly, we have Taytum and Oakley Fisher (@taytumandoakley), a pair of twins who are absolutely adorable.

Like any other pair of twins, you can catch them in cute outfits that coordinate. Despite only being 5 years old, these twins have accomplished a lot.

From acting to gymnastics and being a kid influencer, this pair of twins have won over the hearts of many. Having been brought up in front of the camera, this pair of twins are certainly talented at being photogenic in front of the camera. Therefore, if you a looking for your daily dose of adorable content, do check out their Instagram account.

Kid Instagrammers: #3. Starley Tan

Thirdly, we have Starley Tan (@starleytan_), an adorable 2-year-old on Instagram. Many of you might know Starley’s parents, Jian Hao and Debbie, who are content creators themselves. It is no wonder why Starley’s account features such great content.

From cute pictures of her in her signature pigtails to iconic videos where you can catch her going about her daily life, Starley’s account is a must follow if you find toddlers adorable. Apart from her Instagram account, Starley is often featured on the YouTube account, the Jebbey Family, where she and her parents can be seen engaging in fun activities together. Therefore, if you have a toddler of your own, their social platforms are a great place to get inspired by the fun weekend activities they engage in.

Kid Instagrammers: #4. Meredith Tan

Fourthly, we have Meredith Tan (@meregoround), a six-year-old who has captivated the internet with her sassy personality.

From dramatic skits to comedic videos, Meredith certainly has a unique personality. As the eldest of three siblings, the content on Meredith’s account often features the fun times she shares with her siblings. Her account is currently run by her mother, Bong Qiu Qiu, who is a famous lifestyle and fashion influencer in Singapore.

Additionally, do check out her siblings’ Instagram account @ame1iaon and @mr.oliverse.

Kid Instagrammers: #5. Na Haeun

Next up, we have Na Haeun (@awesomehaeun), best known for being a child prodigy at dancing. Despite only being 12 years old, she has close to 2 million followers on her Instagram account and more than 5 million subscribers on her YouTube account.

It seems like no choreography is too hard for Haeun. From girl group dances to boy group dances, Hauen has regularly posted content of herself mastering these choreographies.

Apart from dance-related content, she has even produced her own music video a few years back. Do check out the moves this 12-year-old has on her social media platforms.

Kid Instagrammers: #6. The Song Triplets

Moving on, we have DaeHan, MingGuk and Manse, also known as the Song Triplets from Korea.

Although they do not have their own Instagram account, their pictures are often posted on their father’s Instagram account (@songilkook). The triplets are best known for their appearance on the reality TV show, The Return of Superman, which featured celebrity fathers babysitting their children for 48 hours.

Although they have since grown up, these nine years olds are nevertheless as adorable as ever.

Kid Instagrammers: #7. Kyzo

Lastly, we have Kyzo (@kingkyzo_), who is a cheeky three-year-old with a strong social media fanbase. From unboxing his latest toys to taking stylish pictures in his toy cars, Kyzo can be seen having fun with his sister and cousins on his Instagram account.

Like a few other kid influencers on this list, Kyzo’s mother is actually an influencer herself – which explains the great content on his account. You might know his mother, Naomi Neo, from her Instagram or YouTube account.


As seen from this list, there are many kid influencers on Instagram. In fact, amongst kid influencers, a wide variety of content and personalities can be seen. From cheeky children to sassy ones, what all of them have in common is how adorable they are.

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