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There are many forms of comedy. Common examples include pranks and skits. However, there is so much more to comedy. Comedy need not necessarily come in the form of pranks or skits. Stand-up comedy, humorous pet videos, cute baby videos may also be considered comedic content as they share the common ability to be able to put a smile on our faces.

Whether you are someone who enjoys a light-hearted prank or dark humour, this list of the 7 comedy influencers will provide you with the content you need. Therefore, do read on to find out more about these influencers that can brighten up your day with their take on comedic content.

Comedic TikTokers: #1. Khaby Lame

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Firstly, we have Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame), who is the king of sarcastic comedic content on TikTok.

Currently, he is one of the most followed TikTok users on the platform. He has more than 120 million followers and close to 2 billion likes. Indeed, even if you are not a user of the platform, you probably have seen some of his videos on the other social media platforms – that is how popular his videos are.

How did he attain such fame at the young age of 21? Well, he just has a knack for creating comedic content. He was first propelled to fame by creating videos that mock overly complicated life hack videos. Take the example of a life hack video that showcased how to retrieve an item that has been dropped in a drain. In Khaby’s recreation, he simply lifts up the drain and picks up the lost item, avoiding all the complicated steps which the life hack video showcases.

Without saying a word, the message of his videos is clear and comedic. Indeed, this shows how content creation need not be overly complicated. Sometimes, humour is best showcased with a simple video. Therefore, do check out Khaby’s videos if you enjoy simple yet hilarious content.

Comedic TikTokers: #2. Ng Ming Wei

Secondly, we have Ng Ming Wei (@mingweirocks), who is a local comedic influencer.

Like many other influencers, Ming Wei often creates content in collaboration with other influencers. However, what is so unique is that the person that is often on his account is his father, also known as @daddyming on TikTok.

Indeed, this father-son duo became extremely popular on the platform ever since the pandemic started. With the pandemic keeping everyone indoors, this duo has been rather creative in coming up with ideas to entertain themselves.

They are famous for their prank videos. Be it with the use of flour, tape or water, this father-son duo has managed to think of all sorts of entertaining pranks to keep the other on their feet.

Comedic TikTokers: #3. Nic Kaufmann

Thirdly, we have Nic Kaufmann (@nickaufmann), who is currently based in Germany but was born and raised in Singapore.

His TikTok bio is short and sweet, with an “I don’t know how I got here”. Yet, he has 13.8 million followers and close to 400 million likes on TikTok. Apart from comedic videos, he also creates other content. From lipsyncing to popular audio clips and funny challenges with other TikTokers, you can watch all sorts of trendy content on his account.

Comedic TikTokers: #4. Brittany Broski

Fourthly, we have Brittany Broski (@brittany_broski), who is an American TikToker with a great sense of humour.

How did she become popular? Well, the video that blew her up was actually a simple taste test video. In the viral video, she showcases herself tasting kombucha for the first time. Her funny facial expressions and her unique laughter caught the attention of many on TikTok, which propelled her to fame.

She recently created a video showcasing an alternate universe where “British Michelangelo” created the statue of David. Such videos might seem bizarre. However, her humorous take on TikTok content certainly makes her videos worth a watch.

If you are wondering how she got so talented at skits and content creation, it is probably an innate talent of hers. From participating in theatre productions as a child to being part of her school’s improv troupe, Brittany has displayed a flair for showmanship.

Comedic TikTokers: #5. David Dobrik

Next up, we have David Dobrik (@daviddobrik), who can be said to be the founding father of comedic content on the internet. Be it Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, David has a strong social media presence on all the different platforms.

Currently, has 1.2 billion likes and 26 million followers on TikTok. If these numbers are not impressive to you, you should check out his YouTube and Instagram following, which are equally colossal.

What is his genre of comedy? Well, it is hard to pin it down to a particular category as he creates such unique videos. From chaotic videos like cutting open a sprite bottle and getting his face splashed by sprite to sarcastic videos that indirectly make fun of his friend’s height, he creates a whole series of comedic videos on TikTok.

Of course, apart from comedic videos, he also uses his platform to share other content. If you are interested in travel vlogs, you can check out his TikTok account where he documented his trip to Dubai.

Comedic TikTokers: #6. Kat Wellington

Moving on, we have Kat Wellington (@washyourpillowcases), who makes great comedic videos, some that involve her family members.

From relatable commentaries like skipping gym sessions and incurring fines to funny storytimes, Kat is like the humorous older sister that we all have.

Like many of the influencers on this list, Kat also posts other types of content. For instance, she recently showcased how she decorated her own home for Christmas for the first time.

Comedic TikTokers: #7. JianHao Tan

Lastly, we have JianHao Tan (@thejianhaotan), who is one of Singapore’s most popular YouTubers.

Apart from YouTube, JianHao has also created a TikTok account where he shares all sorts of comedic content. For instance, he recently showcased his toddler’s reaction to eating imaginary food. Such videos are cute yet hilarious. Other comedic content on his account include comedic skits. Therefore, if you enjoy his YouTube content, his TikTok account is certainly worth checking out.


Scrolling through TikTok for entertainment is what we all do. However, the content produced by these 7 influencers would more than keep you entertained. You have been warned about the highly amusing content of these 7 comedy influencers!

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