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Calling All The Foodies Influencers Out There!

By March 13, 2019July 8th, 2024No Comments

Your sure drool Instagram food guide

Whether you eat to live, or live to eat, the below is a guide of Instagram food accounts that certainly deserve a follow in Singapore. A little disclaimer, this is not a comprehensive guide, just a general list of accounts that could possibly be labelled as ‘best food influencers 2019’! This is the first of a three series article showcasing local Instagram accounts from the food, fashion and travel category. Stay-tuned for the remaining of our “sure drool” guides!


@ladyironchef (612K followers)

We start off with Brad Lau, also known as Ladyironchef. For those of you that are familiar with food influencers of Singapore, you might know him. If there were a dictionary for foodies, this would be the place to go to. Ladyironchef features a wide range of food. From international to local cuisine, from fine dining to street food and whole long list goes on. The point is there will be something for each one of you out there.


@littleMissBento (344K followers)

Meet Shirley Wong, the women behind LittleMissBento. She is the first Singaporean to be certified under the Japan Sushi Instructor Association in Tokyo. We can certainly tell by her cute and creative bento creations we see on Instagram. She also has 7 cookbooks under her belt!


@sethluicious (81.7K followers)

This Instagram account started from a blog which claims to be “Singapore’s highest read digital F&B publication”. Started by Seth the man himself, the Instagram account is now run by him and his company. Apart from the usual cafes, this Instagram account frequently features our local hawker food. A short glance at their Instagram feed showed us artistic shots of wanton noodles, Char siew paw and even Nasi lemak!


@ieatishootipost (111k followers)

Another Instagram account which puts the spotlight on our amazing hawker food. Leslie Tay’s account, ieatishootipost, features popular local cuisines like the Roti Prata, Curry Fish head and more. A quick search found that Leslie has a specialty in “local dishes like Pandan Chiffon Cake, Tau Huay and Roti Prata”. If you are a fan of these dishes, be sure to check his Instagram out.


@rubbisheaatrubbishgrow (37.5K followers)

While many of you might know them from their blogs, their Instagram account is as good too. Apart from the tantalising food pictures, you can expect to see brutally honest food reviews on their Instagram. It certainly is a reliable and authentic source for you to do some fact checking.


@jaslyngoh (15.4K followers)

Jaslyn is the founder of Souley Green, Singapore’s first vegan & cruelty free Mart.
This young entrepreneur not only has the mind of a businesswoman, but has also mastered the craft of Instagram food posts. Her pictures compromises of all sorts of amazing vegan food. From healthy desserts like acai bowls to vegan hamburgers and even to noodles. Certainly a great account to seek inspiration from if you happen to be vegan or are interested to know more about the vegan diet.


@misstamchiak (129K followers)

Started in 2007 as a blog, Misstamchiak has also moved on to Instagram, where it has amassed a significant following of 129k followers. Apart from the usual Instagram food pictures, Missstamchiak has also distinguished its account with short videos. Our favourite would be the short but informative videos under the #ourhawkerculture series on their Instagram account. These videos showcases the behind the scenes of hawker food, from the preparation to the cooking processes – providing us with glimpses of the hard work our hawkers put in.


@aun_koh (14.2K followers)

The personal account of the founder of popular blog, Chubby Hubby. His love for food can evidently be seen on his own Instagram feed, filled with a wide variety of food pictures. He has the ability to turn seemingly everyday dishes to an artistic shot. Our personal favourite would be the picture of Youtiao (some call it the deep fried bread stick) and Bean Curd set against a simple black background, minimal yet very professional looking.
Besides, for those of you that like children, you will be pleasantly surprised by the occasional posts he uploads about his three very adorable children.


@limjenjen (51.9K followers)

Another parent in the food photography scene. What sets Limjenjen apart from some of the other food Instagrammers are her home cooked dishes. Limjenjen actively searches for new recipes to explore. This is to ensure her two daughters enjoy a nutritious range of meals! She also shares her recipes with her Instagram followers, using the hashtag #lazyjenrecipe on the caption of her postings.
Check out her interview with the Straits Times here!


@thehalalfoodblog (57.5K followers)

Started by a couple Adam Shah and his wife, Maryah, the Halalfoodblog’s Instagram showcases amazing halal food . This account has been so helpful to help us narrow down our long list of dining options!


The above are the list of ‘top food influencers 2019′ we would like to give a shout out to!

With that, the article has come to and end. Good luck with salivating while looking at these enticing Instagram accounts!





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