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Influencer Marketing in Asia

By October 13, 2017September 19th, 2019No Comments

Overview of Influencer Marketing Asia

Choosing your Influencers, Searching for them, Tips and more


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Since the beginning of the time of social media marketing, influencer marketing has been a famous way of spreading the marketing message of a brand. The algorithm changes, which have to result to decreased organic growth, have only boosted its attractiveness. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that leverage on the opinion of leaders and their influence to meet and reach out to a bigger market through their social media networks like Instagram. It comprises of both content creation elements and social media marketing.

There are countless cultures and countries to take into consideration, which analysis paralysis sets in. Using local top influencers to bring your brand message could help; however, there are important things you need to remember first. Brand influencers are defined as people with a considerable social media following and they could play an important role in the market.

Consumers these days are quite overwhelmed with content. Thus, brands are desperately vying for responsiveness by targeting consumers from each direction, from display to social ads to conventional print, television, and radio broadcasting ads. Here are some tips to remember:

Choose Your Platform

Influencer marketing could be a real pain. In case you didn’t know yet, every influencer in Asia has its own platform of choice. Remember, the major purpose of utilizing an influencer is to find someone who is well connected in a specific nation and so, the influencers are going to be different for every market. Every influencer might be on a different platform depending on his or her chosen market.

For instance, in China, influencers are mostly active in WeChat. On the other hand, Thailand’s influencers are active on YouTube. One of their sought-after personalities on the channel has more than a million followers.

Understand the Difference

However, it’s also important to differentiate the real ones from fake ones. Brands must be cautious of those influencers with high follower account but have low content and poor engagement from their fans. For instance, in China, it’s difficult to determine the real from fake ones. Did you know that fake influencers in China steal content from the real influencers?

How Can Brands Search for Influencers?

To brands to persuade consumers to interact with social commerce, they need to provide custom and differentiated promotions, which will appeal to their target audience in every social media platform.


Tips for Efficient Influencer Outreach

  • You will find different kinds of influencers: Micro-Influencers, Macro-Influencers, and Mega-Influencers understand all of them and find your ideal fit.
  • Do not focus just on the number of followers. Make sure you also consider relevant influencers
  • Establishing a consistent relationship with the influencer is crucial. The more frequent you engage them, the stronger the relationship.
  • Present value for your influencer, and continue to encourage them regularly and look out for future partnership opportunities. You can measure your ROI, engagement and emotional feedback of the audience to help in future influencer Instagram marketing campaign planning.

Trends you can use to your advantage

  • The rise of micro influencers. 82% of consumers would follow a recommendation by a micro-influencer. Therefore, collaborating with micro influencers might be a good move for marketers!
  • Increase in popularity in relatievly newer social media platforms such as Tik Tok. Tik Tok alone has 500 million global monthly active users. The rise of such apps would mean new avenues for marketers to reach out to their consumers
  • More collaborative efforts between influencers and brands. Instead of one off transactions, we are seeing collaborations between brands and influencers. Examples include working on a new product line with influencers, getting influencers to represent the brand in the long run and working with the same influencers for a longer period of time.
  • Disclosure of influencer sponsorship. An increasing number of influencers are starting to disclose their branded content, which can be done through hashtags such as #sp or #sponsored. The demand for transparency in marketing and advertising has resulted in an awareness of the importance of disclosure when it comes to branded content. Therefore, do keep in mind to follow the recommended rules and regulations when it comes to influencer marketing.


You will find many aspects to a successful influencer marketing campaign; however, the foundation is in finding influencers with relevant influencer network. Get the right people, and the rest will be a lot easier.