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Improve Your Social Media Campaign On Instagram

By February 28, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

Marketing Tips for Instagram Campaigns

Image result for instagramInstagram campaigns are everywhere, we see it almost now and then. It’s more of who makes it big and who doesn’t. We’ve seen a couple of really successful ones that went viral, such as Scoot 787: A Minute to Wing It Contest, #shotoniphone, Stadium Goods’ Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Giveaway, and more.


If you’re looking for solutions to improve your next campaign, here’s our two cents’ worth:

1. Partner with Potential Influencers

If you’re new, or your brand’s social media presence is not substantial enough, perhaps you can try leveraging on suitable influencers to get the word out for you. These online personalities already have an existing pool of target audience to secure your campaign outreach. Make sure you choose the right influencers though. If the shoe doesn’t fit, what’s the point of spending money on it?

2. Take Advantage of Hashtags

It’s a simple yet effective way to track your campaign results. Having a campaign hashtag establishes an identity that makes it easier for audiences to remember and creates User Generated Content. Encourage your audience/influencers to use the hashtags in their posts, and get more people talking about you. By doing a quick search on Instagram through the hashtag, all related posts will be shown. It’s a great way to track results, and at the same time increase engagement among users.

3. Keep The Campaign Title Short & Simple

Having a long and complicated name confuses the audience. Your main objective is to allow your campaign to be REMEMBERED, not creating a hassle just to recall. They’ll probably wiggle out and forget about it. Everyone thinks of “Just Do It” when they hear of Nike. Why? Keep it in mind, less is more.

4. Shorten your URLs.

Nobody wants to try and memorise and type in long URLs. If you need to redirect your viewers to another page, eg. to your website/youtube/facebook etc, make sure to have a shortened URL that’s easy to catch, preferably with your campaign name attached on it. Remember cut the hassle.

5. Repost to Enhance Engagement.

Like we suggested above, you should encourage your audience to use the campaign hashtag in their posts to create user generated content. Take it a step further, repost it on your pages to show others that people are actually participating in your campaign. Build a relationship with your audience, let them know that you actually take close notice of them.

6. Conduct Contests/Giveaways.

What beats free gifts? We’re all Singaporeans, and we love free stuff (it’s so hard to deny). Carry out exclusive contests/giveaways and get your target audience all perked up for it. There are many ways to execute this, such as getting audiences to repost, requesting them to craft a post, leave a comment and like, and many more. Don’t forget to include your hashtag!

7. Use Instagram Stories.

It’s like the next ‘IN’ thing. Most of us are on Instagram stories, especially to update our personal life, or take a look at others’ daily happenings. Hop on the bandwagon and create stories for your own campaign. You can show ‘behind the scenes’, or provide sneak peeks of latest the news/giveaway coming up. This allows your brand to build engagement with your audience on a closer and more personal level.


On top of Instagram Stories, going Live might be another way to gain attention. Live streaming allows you to convey real time updates of what’s going on in the campaign. If you have an event going on, a live stream benefits those who are unable to make a trip down. Or even, you may conduct a live stream to conduct the draw for your contest giveaway!

9. Take Note of Visual Aesthetics.

People like to look at nice things. It is important that you take the effort to produce visuals that are pleasing to the eye. There are tons of images on everyone’s Instagram feed nowadays, and it’s easy to miss out some of them (trust us). Having a visual that stands out increases the chances viewers taking notice of it.

10. Make Sure You’re on Business Profile.

Professionalism comes into place here. Having a business profile on Instagram allows audience to get easy access to your email, website, or contact number within one click. Convenience is key!