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How influencer marketing redefined marketing

By March 23, 2018October 18th, 2019No Comments

Evolution of influencer marketing

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Started from the gradual invasion of social media into our daily lives, traditional word-of-mouth marketing has now taken a digital approach. Here we explore exactly how influencer marketing has redefined marketing. We have also included some tips for brands to improve their influencer marketing.

Main reason driving influencer marketing

Content and outreach

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With influencer marketing, consumers are given a choice to follow the personalities that best suit them. Influencers then develop content that best suit their audiences to sustain their following. 

Engaging and unique content created by online personalities are usually definied by engagement and followers.

Here, we have some common approaches to engage your audience.

*This list may not be representative!

  • Funny
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Here we have @sgag and @youtiao666 where they offer witty local humour that has garnered attention on instagram. This “funny” approach is really what makes them different in the marketing game. Instead of the usual review, these accounts make cute memes or have indirect captions to drive purchase decisions.

Although this approach may not be the safest option to get followers, but it definitely leave a lasting impression.

  • Aesthetic
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Visual aesthetics is extremely important. On Instagram, your feed is really what represents you. People search for you through a special username, so remember to get one that’s easy and representative. Then the next step is working on your feed. Colours is one important consideration.

Here we have @darylaiden doing aesthetics right with a super colourful feed. The type of colours that doesn’t pop and shock you too much from your screen. The colours reflect the energy of Daryl!

  • Foodie
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Any food instagrammers that you really think slayed #foodporn hands down? Here we have @sweetsamsations and @crystal_wee that rocked the minimalist side of food photography. *slurps, salivation is guaranteed!! Check them out!

  • Real

There we have influencers that share their personal experience through their accounts. How do you spot a sponsored post without the #sp?
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@cheserland is a cute mama that always share her homecooked recipes and mummyhacks! @bongqiuqiu also always shares about her personal experience in her captions along with products she’s sharing…

It’s really a skill to be this convincing!

  • More micro-influencers are joining in

The most influenced crowd would be the millennials. The power of micro-influencers on social media marketing is definitely improving as consumers are more willing to purchase products endorsed by a non-celebrity.

As we all know that these online personalities are doing an advertisements, but we never fail to check the products out! We have influencer Bong Qiu Qiu, where she often documents her daily life on social media. Her advertisement is a combination of her personal experience with the relevant information. This makes it easy for consumers to relate. This is really why influencer marketing is changing marketing. Instead of a direct “I am promoting this product”, paid advertisements is redefined into organic content through influencers.

Looking at the amount of sponsored posts, it is enough to show the power of influencer marketing. Brands often look at the quantity instead of the true value of selecting influencers.

Here are some tips:

  • Set realistic deadlines

Either you go direct to an influencer or through an agency, always remember that good content planning requires substantial planning. Always plan your campaign ahead, and communicate with the relevant personnel in advance. Good planning will bring forth interesting content. By doing this, you also avoid misconceptions and miscommunications!

  • Do it the natural way

The best approach is to relate with the audience. Show them how your product/services can solve their problem without pushing too hard. Sometimes, the message brought across is easily recognised as an advertisment, which will be deemed less trustworthy. Always take the subtle and natural approach.

  • Plan well and communicate frequently

If you have decided to run a campaign, plan it through. Always remember to have several back up plans for unforeseen circumstances . It may not be easy to engage influencers as this market is saturated. Compromise and make sure that this partnership ends on a good note. It is always good to build healthy relationships with online influencers as you may need them in the future.