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Letter to my Dear Future Husband

By January 2, 2017October 17th, 2019No Comments

A Letter to My Future Husband

 Letter to my husband

Dear Future Husband,

            How are you, my dear husband-whom-I-have-not-met? I hope you are doing fine and you have scored well for your papers, or secured your dream job, or got promoted, or succeeded in whatever you want to do. I am doing fine here, enjoying the ups and downs of life. My belief is that everything happens for a reason. I am generally happy about my life, and I hope you too!

            As you are going to be my important person and better half, I want to share with you something that is important to me: Instagram. Hmm, I may sound superficial and all, but I can’t deny that Instagram has been a part, an important part, of my life, almost like a hobby and passion – or even a possible career that I have been dreaming about all these times.

            Don’t freak out. PLEASE don’t stop reading. I am not obsessed about Instagram. Let me explain to you: it’s just about the power of images and pictures on social media.

            Don’t you know that the images you saw on Instagram, Facebook, or websites, may not tell you the whole truth? Image hides flaws and shows only the good side. And not all photographs are as ‘pure’ as it should be. The pore-less, porcelain-like skin of the beautiful girls out there (some) are the result of photoshop. The food is not as delicious-looking as it looks like. The sky you see in the photograph may be originally gloomy and not pinkish. It is all taken by me!

The perfection is an illusion. But why are many working so hard for such 2D images that is not even real (it’s even digital, not printed) !? Because, the quality of an image can lead to what is called make-believe. Many viewers would believe what they see, and get influenced to try the food, or the makeup, or the outfit, or to go the place they see in the post. It’s like, good images have the power to create quality that is not even there in the first place. Magic, huh?

But I can’t post good quality images only once in awhile – and this is not because of obsession. I have to do it all the time because the consistent good posts on one’s account would build the audience’s trust, satisfaction and entertainment – usually people are feeling happy to see beautiful images, correct me if i’m wrong. That is the reason why people would follow account with images that inspire them visually. It may not be content-rich or educating, but it is a good eye-food for those who can see.

And if the posts on my Instagram account are that powerful with an abundant number of followers, that would mean higher chance to attract companies and brands to ‘hire’ me as their ‘promoter’ simply because I have a lot of followers who believe the quality of the things I feature on my account – they may want to really try the things I endorse on Instagram, right? It’s like a good instagram account would be a great investment for social media marketing, Instagram marketing or influencer marketing.

Once again, I want to emphasize that my Instagram is an investment, dear. So, when we meet in the future, please don’t freak out if I’m picky about photographs. I may not want to post a great photo of us if it is blur. Please, don’t get mad if I ask for your help to take pictures of me hundred times when we travel to Santorini, Maldives, and other places. And please don’t get confused or worried If I remain silence for some times with my phone because I’m not cheating, I’m just editing my images with some beautiful filters and I need to concentrate while doing that. On top of that, I would still prioritize you and our family over my Instagram.

            Ah, what a long sharing with you. Interesting, isn’t it? The way of living in this era can change so much just because of social media.

            Well, I think I gonna end my letter to you here. Can’t wait till we really meet in person! I believe you are the best one God has prepared for me, and vice versa.

With loads of love,

Your Future Wife.