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Instagram. The place where your eyes are in for a treat. Slightly unique from other social media platforms, Instagram is highly visual based. From pictures to videos. Instagram is certainly a platform highly involved in the visual aesthetics.

It is a place where our creativity is allowed to flow. Be it in terms of photo taking or photo editing, the creative processes involved in upkeeping an Instagram feed is commendable.

For those of you who are struggling to come with that insta-worthy feed, fear not, today’s article is for you. Introducing the best Instagram aesthetics of 2019.

Instagram feed ideas: #1. A pop of colour

Best Instagram aesthetics, Instagram feed ideas

source: Preview app, bespokebride


You might have seen this type of feed on Instagram before. After all, it is currently very popular online.

Known as one of the best Instagram aesthetics, a pop of colour is one with vibrant colours. You can recreate this theme easily with the use of colourful backgrounds when taking your Instagram pictures.

A second tip would be to contrast the colours of items in the pictures and the picture background. For example, a blue blueberry ice cream with a pink wall as a background would work out for this Instagram feed.

Lastly, you could use your creativity to take pictures of any object around you that is colourful. The bolder and brighter the colours, the more your Instagram feed would pop out!

Instagram feed ideas: #2. Minimalistic feed

source: Preview app, pao_note

Unlike the colour pop feed, the Minimalistic feed is characterised by soothing colours such as white and black. Monotones are also a popular favourite to build a minimalistic feed.

An advantage of such a feed would be how ‘clean’ and ‘neat’ this form of feed looks. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to upkeep after all the minimalism is all able ‘less is more’.

Instagram feed ideas: #3. Grunge Instagram Feed

source: @carlygibert & funlifecrisis

For those who want a feed that showcases character, a grunge Instagram feed might be the way to go.
According to funlifecrisis, influencer Carly Gibert (as seen above) uses photo editing app to filter her images for a grunge Instagram feed. “To recreate a similar warm grunge feel use Afterlight filters Glen and Cascade and lower the contrast for a faded vintage look.”

Instagram feed ideas: #4. Looking as though you have #No Filter

source:  @viviannn_v & funlifecrisis

This form of Instagram feed does not mean filters are not allowed. Instead, photos can be edited to look natural (as if no filter was used).
An easy trick to achieve this feed would be editing the brightness of photos using photo editing apps.

If you do not like to edit your pictures, you can try taking photos in natural sunlight to give of an effortless natural vibe. The golden hour where people take pictures when the sun sets or rises is an example on how to achieve one of the best Instagram feeds: the #nofilter feed.

Instagram feed ideas: #5. White Borders

source: barre_boss &

Another effortless way of coordinating your pictures on Instagram to achieve the best Instagram feed would be the use of borders.
Many photo editing apps such as VSCO and Snapseed provide the function to create beautiful looking borders.

To attain this clean looking Instagram feed, do check out some photo editing apps here!

Instagram feed ideas: #6. Black Borders

source: beautifulandyummy &

Similarly, we have the black border Instagram feed. A little less common as compared to the use of white borders but equally pleasing to the eyes.

As you can see from the above, a simple change of border colour changes the impression of a feed. Black borders give off a chic and sophisticated vibe while white borders look soothing and neat.

Instagram feed ideas: #7. Mixed White Border

source: lady.austin &

Another instagram feed idea that plays around with borders.
You can choose to take both in the square and rectangle format to maintain such a feed. The mix of square and rectangular photos will make any feed unique!

Instagram feed ideas: #8. Black and White

source: 555design &

The two timeless colours: black and white.
You do not need to be only taking pictures of things that are black and white. After all, that might be too tedious.
Instead, you can simply use black and white filters in photo editing apps for an effortless way to achieve a black and white feed.

Instagram feed ideas: #9. A hint of colour

source: erin.astrid &

Not to be confused with A pop of colour Instagram feed (Instagram feed ideas: #1), this Instagram feed involves making majority of the photo black and white with the exception of one or two other colours.

Instagram feed ideas: #10. Flatlay

source: thedairy &

Not much needs to be said about this one. You probably have seen tons of flatlays on Instagram by now.
Flatlays are helpful to showcase a product in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This explains its popularity among food Instagramers. (having to showcase their meals)

Instagram feed ideas: #11. Monotheme

source: lovechloejane &

A monotheme feed refers to postings surrounding one subject. As seen in the picture above, Instagrammer @lovechloejane constantly updates her Instagram with pictures of palm trees.

Instagram feed ideas: #12. A darker theme

source: knottoself &

The polar opposites of colourful Instagram themes, there is the dark theme.
This theme, although less popular, gives off feelings of suspense and will make your Instagram feed look more mysterious.


There you have it; the best Instagram aesthetics you can try out. However, do not be restricted by this. After all, Instagram a platform where your creative limits can be stretched.

Therefore, while you can do your research on Instagram aesthetics, do not be afraid to try out new ones too!


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