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5 Social Media Automation Tools in 2018

By August 12, 2018July 4th, 2024No Comments

Social Media Automation Tools

People’s attention span are getting shorter, so it’s extremely important to be quick and interesting these days on social media. If you want to save your time while building your influencer marketing strategy, then you should take note of these social media management tools. This way, you would be able to maximise your time and resources. Here’s a list of automation tools that can help you better manage your time.

1. Hootsuite

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Hootsuite allows you to keep track of various social media channels at once. It can also help you perform brand monitoring with real-time updates. Knowing when your brand is mentioned allows you to know what consumers are writing about it instantly. This can be used to collect user-generated content or avert a crisis.

  • Supports all the leading social media platforms with an easy to use post scheduler.
  • The tool has inbuilt analytics that can help you determine the best time for content posting.
  • It also has an advanced search that comes with tons of features (like location based search)
  • Users can check their brand mentions, post content, and etc with one platform.
  • The tool can also help you search for influencers.
  • It has an advanced analytics feature that can be used to generate in-depth reports.

2. Survey Anyplace

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Survey Anyplace is a survey maker tool which you can use to collect information from your target audience. The tool enables you to add brand signage to your surveys, adding a more individualized element.

When you sign-up on Survey Anyplace, the tool automatically pulls your logo from the email address you provide. There are various templates for you to work with to make your survey more entertaining!

Survey Anyplace can also be used as a way to get your audience to engage with you through interactive surveys.

3. CoScheduleRelated image


CoSchedule is another highly useful tool for content marketers. You can use the tool easily to schedule your posts on different social media platforms pretty easily. This will help you manage multiple accounts in one place. Users can schedule 60 posts at one go with its interactive interface. You can also use it to make your social media calendar or directly answer queries from its interface.

  • Apart from scheduling your content, you can also analyze which content worked well in the past and publish your previously posted content again.
  • It has plenty of remarkable features like re-queue, WordPress compatibility, staff management, etc.
  • The tool can also be used to perform customer support pretty easily.
  • It is easy to use and is cost-effective compared to other options as well.

4. DrumUp

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DrumUp is a social media management and content curation tool for businesses of any size. Using the tool, you can curate content by setting-up industry keywords and RSS feeds. 

The tool has a 1-click schedule mechanism for posts, while you can also add hashtags and @mentions suggested by the tool to curated posts and then auto-schedule them. You can also save posts to customizable content libraries and schedule them at a later date.

If your brand has a lot of evergreen posts, you can store them in libraries and set them up on auto-posting schedules to maximize traffic.

5. PocketRelated image


Pocket is like Pinterest for content. It is a freely available Chrome extension that can help you save any content. Already used by millions of users the world over, the app has saved over 2 billion posts so far. You can put the content of your choice in your Pocket account and access it anytime and anywhere, as per your convenience.

  • Lightweight tool, which is freely available
  • Integrated with 1500+ platforms like Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard, and more.
  • The tool also has an iOS and Android app besides a Chrome extension. Therefore, you can access the saved content as per your requirements.
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