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5 platforms for instagram feed planning

By May 12, 2018October 18th, 2019No Comments

Why is instagram feed planning important?


Apparently, photos are winning. That is why Instagram is the talk of the town. Their photo featured function is dominating the market, and their growth is unlimited.

Instagram and Facebook

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Did you know that Facebook owns one of the greatest social media? That makes the giant Facebook (FB) super powerful. When FB acquired Instagram in 2012 with a 1 billion price tag, everyone was shocked at the major price tag.

But now, it’s all clear. It may be one of the greatest moves FB has ever done, yes?


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Here’s some starters to show why Instagram is so great:

  • Advertisement revenue to reach $2.81 billion and beyond
  • Brands user engagement is 10 folds higher than Facebook, and 84% higher than Twitter.
  • 50% of Instagram’s users follow at least one brand.
  • 70% of the most used hashtags are branded.


If you are a brand, are you enticed?

Instagram getting all the attention

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As many brands flock in attempt to gain attention from their target groups, it gets tougher, and more expensive. Same goes for influencers. Everyone wants a slice of the attention pie. Keep in mind, if you are focusing on Instagram, you have to keep working on the trends.

To cut you some slack, here’s 5 platforms that can help you with creativity.


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A photo application where you can design perfection by adding photos into grids.

In short, you can design your feed and let it tell your story. You can store, plan, edit your feed through this application.

Why is this application so good?

  1. It’s free to download
  2. You do not have to thumbnail the photo for your next post that you edited a few days/months ago.
  3. Plan your feed, and adjust the sequence of the photos according to how you want your theme to be like. No more delete and post again for that perfect fit!
  4. What’s best is that you can still edit the photos on UNUM!
  5. Pay for premium and let it do the posting.
  6. Efficiency is also at it’s best when you can custom schedules and reminders to post it up for maximum outreach.

Try it (not advertorial)!

If you want something more direct and simple, you can try this:

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It is also a feed preview application. However, the downside is that you cant drag and arrange. You can only preview your feed one try at a time. You can choose to start previewing or stop previewing to end it. That’s one round. So you may have to run multiple runs to find the perfect combinations for your feed.

But, this is good for private profiles as UNUM is only able to preview public profiles.

It’s free for download too!

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If you do not know what to create and need inspirations, you can try this.

It is both an application and a website, where they have many layouts and colours!

You can customise your feed colours, or even for working powerpoints there.

It is mainly font centric, so if you need some inspirations, hit there!

When we say its in trend, it really is.

Other useful trending phone applications are unfold and over, where they work similarly to canva!

Instagram applications
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Instagram has also developed 2 home grown applications to make social media sharing a little more engaging and special. They are boomerang and Hyperlapse. Boomerang has made it big where people prefer it over static photos!

What is Boomerang?

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Essentially an application or a function on Instagram that snaps photos and strings them into mini videos that loops back and forth. This bursts of 10 photo turns your moment into a moving video! So when viewers watch, it’s as though you are in motion!


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A relatively new application by Instagram, it promises to ease the filming of time lapse videos. With instagram’s in house stabilisation, users don’t have to worry about sore arms and time.

You just need 10 seconds to capture your favorite moment condensed into 5 seconds.

BUT! An instagram account required!