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5 Fun Facts about Influencer Marketing in 2018

By November 18, 2018July 4th, 2024No Comments

Doing Influencer Marketing 2018

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Learn influencer marketing Instagram with important influencer marketing examples for influencer marketing 2018. As brands are increasingly using social channels to target their consumers and influence them to make a purchase or even convert them to become loyal. Brands and businesses are becoming obsessed with Social Media to drive strong brand presence, increase their followers and of course engagement. Here’s what you may need.


Authenticity is key to Influencer Marketing Instagram

When working with an influencer, don’t over control the situation. Let the content be authentic to the influencers aesthetic, something too forced or advertised is obvious to followers.

Don’t do it alone.

If your big social media campaign idea has a lot of players, hire a team that has expertise. Don’t compromise on quality due to lack of internal bandwidth. Leave it to the experts!

Being on brand trumps the million followers rule.

Don’t just seek out the influencers with the largest followings, make sure they are on brand for you and that you are in turn on brand for them. The best collaborations come from both parties being equally passionate for the product.

The designer has become their own influencer.

There’s no one that knows you or your brand better than… you. Behind the scenes, sneak peeks, personal anecdotes are what people need to feel connected to your brand. Be your own influencer.

Take cues from the beauty world!

The beauty industry is cutting edge when it comes to social media activations. Take a look at what make-up and skin care brands are doing across their platforms and borrow some of the same key elements.