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Why did your influencer marketing strategy fail?

By October 27, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

Promoting your Brand

Wondering what kind of influencer marketing strategy is good for influencer marketing 2018? We will be sharing some influencer marketing examples for you to try promoting your brand through influencers. Get disappointed no more if you are a beginner at influencer marketing 2018.

Influencer Marketing 2018: Three highly common mistakes brands make

  •  Wrong Choice of Influencers

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Since Influencers play a big part in an Influencer Marketing Strategy, hence this is arguably the biggest, and most common mistake a brand could ever make. For example, some brands think that a mega influencer has huge influencer, but do not research on that influencer. Hence, when such partnership occurs, results are not apparent. As there is no significant impact on the brand’s target audience, such focus yields large reach but low engagement. Do not worry, we have a solution for you. As mentioned in the text, research is extremely important. Find out what your audience like, age groups, what kind of niches they are looking out and where. From then on, you can filter relevant influencer/celebrities for your influencer marketing strategy. 

  •  Trust that Influencers know their audience best

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Brands often invest a lot of resources in their marketing campaigns. Hence, they want it to be worth the money. Hence, to make sure that message is communicated accurately, drafts are often present on what and how to say things. One big mistake is if you try too hard to control an influencer’s creativity, you will end up destroying your campaign. Consequently, prevent you from forming a genuine bond with the influencer. In fact, a survey conducted by Crowdtap found that 58% of influencers favor projects that give them creative freedom. Hence, the best way to avoid such issue is to communicate and work closely with the influencers. Trust what they say and involve them in discussing content and campaign execution. This co-creation process balances the need to communicate marketing message on a good skill with certain control. 

  • Over/Under-pay Influencers

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What is the actual rate for influencer marketing 2018? The Crowdtap survey also found that 68% of influencers are willing to work with brands more than once with competitive compensation. Before your next influencer marketing campaign, evaluate your current compensation plan. Are you appropriately incentivizing influencers? If you can’t offer monetary compensation, you may have a hard time finding influencers who will partner with you. If you have tight budget, you can focus on micro-influencers who are more likely to accept freebies and discounts in exchange for a partnership. You can also compensate influencers with products, services, or experiences they will value. But such compensation may earn you a short 10s story feature than a post. 


Now you know three of the most common reasons why brands fail with influencer marketing, and how to avoid making the same mistakes. Using the examples and tips above, your brand is now ready to launch a successful marketing campaign with influencers.