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Arguably the best streaming site, YouTube has come a long way since its start in 2005. You could credit a big part of YouTube’s success to their user friendly interface. However, we cannot neglect the role YouTubers, Youtube’s very own community has created in shaping the platform we see today.

You might ask, what is the exact definition of YouTubers? The dictionary definition of YouTubers is “a person who uploads, produces, or appears in videos on the video-sharing website YouTube”. However, we think that YouTubers are so much more. They can be celebrities, yet many of them are the people around us.

Unlike traditional celebrities, a YouTuber can be anyone. They are also many types of YouTubers for instance fashion, sports, gadget Youtubers.

Today’s article will touch on the YouTubers in our small island country, in short, Singaporean YouTubers. Continue reading to find out who made our list of 2020 YouTubers.

2020 Youtubers #1. Dominic Chin

Singaporean YouTubers, 2020 Youtubers

Firstly, we have Dominic Chin, a successful musician that has done Singapore and Singaporean YouTubers proud. Our country has produced many talented local singers. From The Sam Willows to Nathan Hartono, these names have been made familiar to us.

In recent years, we also have new talent such as Dominic Chin who has proved that he has a gift when it comes to music. Although Dominic only made headlines after his upload of a song dedicated to our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Dominic’s presence on YouTube can be traced back to 2010.

Dominic started his YouTube channel in 2010 to upload his covers of pop and R&B songs. A fun fact about him is that his tribute song to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew has been watched by our PM Lee Hsien Loong. In fact, the prime minister even sent Dominic a very personal thank you email!

If you are interested in what this local artist has to offer, do check out his social media accounts, in particular his YouTube account!

2020 Youtubers #2. Brenda Tan

Secondly, we have Brenda Tan who is known as @wordweed on Instagram. Brenda is a Singaporean YouTuber that also has a strong presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram.

If you are looking for content that is fun yet informative, do check out Brenda’s channel where you will be greeted with interesting videos.

Brenda Tan is known to be a Singaporean YouTuber that speaks her mind and maintains a close relationship with her subscribers. One of her more popular videos would be her cosmetic surgery experience. She even brought her viewers along her healing experience. The effort she makes to include her subscribers in her daily experiences is certainly commendable!

From her chatty GRWM (Get Ready With Me) where she shares about her personal life, to her makeup review videos, Brenda sure serves a good range of content. (especially so for beauty junkies!)

2020 Youtubers #3. Ryan Sylvia (Night Owl Cinematics)

Thirdly, we have Ryan Sylvia. This YouTube channel needs no introduction. If you are familiar with Singaporean YouTubers, you probably know about them.

For those who have not heard about Ryan Sylvia, they are one of the biggest Singaporean YouTubers out there. They have 900K followers on YouTube. Their videos are very wide ranging.

However, one of the more popular series of videos produced by Ryan Sylvia (or Night Owl Cinematics) would be their Food King Videos. In this series, members of the channel go around Singapore to rate popular food stores in town.

Other videos that are popular would include their comedy skits. From parodies of school to the workplace, Ryan Sylvia has all the content needed if you want a good laugh.

2020 Youtubers #4. Hirzi (HIZRI Official)

Next up, HIZRI official, that is known for parodies that incorporate humour closely related to our country.

From musical parodies to pink dot performances, do head over to Hizri’s to check out his talent for the arts. Of course, the additional bonus would be his amazing sense of humour!

2020 Youtubers #5. Wah Banana (Wah!Banana)

If you enjoy comedic videos on YouTube, Wah!Banana is a channel that you must not miss.

The channel is largely focused on comedic skits. Wah!Banana’s videos have hit mainstream popularity, with videos like ‘Your Mother VS My Mother’ receiving 16 million videos.

2020 Youtubers #6. Bongqiuqiu

Next up, we have Bongqiuqiu. You might know her from her blogging days or even on Instagram. However, this mother of 3 is rather talented and has also established herself as a YouTuber. You will be able to find adorable moments of family time on her YouTube channel as she often vlogs about their daily lives.

2020 Youtubers #7. Miss Tam Chiak

Yes, this YouTuber might not have as many subscribers as compared to some of the other Singaporean YouTubers on our list. However, Miss Tam Chiak does have a significant following in the Singapore community. (especially on Instagram with 145K followers).

We certainly feel that the YouTube channel deserves more subscribers. After all, they upload videos rather regularly. Most importantly, who doesn’t like to look at videos of amazing dishes?

Therefore, do check out the channel Miss Tam Chiak on YouTube to know about the best food in town!

2020 Youtubers #8. JianHao Tan

Lastly, we have JianHao Tan, who has been a well known Singaporean YouTuber who has been on YouTube for quite some time.

You can find comedic skits, travel videos and personal vlogs of the founder of the channel JianHao Tan. With over 3 million subscribers, JianHao Tan’s videos have certainly won over the hearts of many on YouTube!


There are many singaporean YouTubers, and we might not have been able to cover them all in this list. However, we do think that these 8 YouTubers are certainly a good place to start if you would like to learn more about Singaporean YouTubers.

If you are interested in learning more about influencer marketing, do click here. There are also related articles that showcases some of the top influencers in each respective category.

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