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Easy Guide to Video Marketing 2018 | Video Marketing Tips and Strategies

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Video Marketing 2018

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We have been hearing that Video Marketing is important…

But do you know why and how you can utilize video marketing?
Read on to find out the video marketing tips and video marketing strategies.

Why is Video Marketing Effective?

Watching a video is much easier than reading a long paragraph of text, don’t you agree?

Videos can convey a large amount of information in a more friendly and easy to digest manner, which makes it so popular in recent ways.

With all the social media platforms introducing video functions, video marketing is only going to get bigger.

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Benefits of Video Marketing

Generate higher engagements and Shares

Improve SEO as people stay on-site longer

Video cuts through the clutter and conveys emotion

Commonly Used Channels of Video Marketing

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YouTube Channel
YouTube Live

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Facebook Feed
Facebook Watch
Facebook Live

Instagram Feed
Instagram Stories
Instagram Live

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LinkedIn Feed

Video Marketing is Important…
But How Can I Do A Professional One?

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How to do video marketing?

Yes, creating videos for your effort can be difficult and time-consuming.

There must be certain equipment in place to create a quality video.

You would need to think of content which may take most of your time.

After the filming, editing is needed to put together all the contents, and making sure that it looks professional.

Here Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Start Your Video Marketing

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Contest (@amandersings)
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Product Challenge(@typicalben)

Here are some video marketing tips and video marketing strategies.

The video marketing examples above are some of the videos created by influencers. By getting talented and relevant influencers to generate video marketing contents for you, it can save you time and effort.

Most importantly, it can also look professional to be used for your marketing effort. This is what we called “user-generated content”.

There are many benefits. Other than saving time and cost of equipment, you can have the flexibility of either directing the content or leave it to the influencers to generate the content for you. They understand their followers more than anyone, so they can create contents that suit the audiences.

It can also give you a better idea of your audiences’ preferences, so you can create a better and more professional video contents for your audiences without having to go through much effort of trial and error.

If you are looking for “how to do video marketing” for your company, give it a try.